5 Indoor Team Building Ideas

No matter what season it is, indoor team building events are always a winner.  Below are 5 of the best team activities perfect for indoors.

1. Pizza Making

Whether your team are foodies or you are looking for the perfect after work treat. A pizza making team building activity will be idea. With a welcome glass of prosecco, you will be introduced to your trained Pizzaiola Chef who will teach you all there is to know in the art of pizza making.

You will learn everything, from tossing the dough to creating your very own pizza! On your table you will find a never ending supply of all the freshest ingredients to add to make your perfect pizza. And once you are done you can sit back relax and wait for the chef to cook your creations – and then it’s time to eat!

Retro Showdown Team Event

2. Retro Showdown

The perfect team building event for any type of group, whether you are different ages and just want a throwback. Great for adding that bit of competition into your team to lighten up the mood and creating team spirit.

A selection of retro showdown games that may be included on the day could be Wheel of Fortune, Generation Game, Bullseye, Catchphrase and many more. And if just going head to head wasn’t enough competition, the winning teams will be rewarded with some “fun money” – the team with the most will enter the Million Dollar Drop!

3. Chain Reaction

Whether you have had some new starters in your team or you just feel like everybody needs to connect more. The chain reaction team building day will be the perfect icebreaker.

Using their creative and problem solving skills, the team will build the ultimate chain reaction. The overall aim of this event is to work in smaller teams and work together to build a colour coded contraption.

This contraption will then need to interlink into the other teams to build the ultimate chain reaction. There will also be clues and challenges thrown into the event along the way that you will need to complete to be successful!

Challenge 100 Team Building

4. Challenge 100

Test your team in the Challenge 100 team building event. It’s set out to test mental agility, intelligence and common sense.­ As well as challenging everybody individually it will test your team as a whole – especially how they work under pressure.

This whole event is about choosing tasks wisely, discussing tactics with your team and racing against the clock! Each task is worth different points and each team has a red box and a booklet. The booklet shows all the challenges to complete and the red box has all the tools you may need.

The clock is projected onto a screen so that everybody is reminded of the time as well as the team scores. This is the ultimate test to see how well your team works together.

5. Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms is a classic team event that will have your team working together to solve puzzles and clues. It is a fun and effective experience that everybody will enjoy but the real question is will your team escape or stay trapped?

On arrival you will be given the background story and everything you need to know for the game. Depending on your team size will depend on whether you will be split up into different teams – each team will be presented with a different room.

You will be locked in your room with a 60-minute countdown where you and your team will have to search the room for clues and puzzles which will help towards your escape!

These are just 5 of the best indoor team building activities. however we offer over 150+ team building ideas ideas across the whole of the UK. Chat to one of our corporate team today on 0161 3410052, who will assit to create the best team day ever.

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