In-Office Christmas Parties

In-Office Christmas Parties (Banner)

Sometimes, getting the whole team out of the office can be a task in itself, so why not cut out a bit of the stress and planning by bringing the activities to your office?

When accumulated experiences for teams across the UK to enjoy together, we took considerable care in choosing a few team activities that can come straight to your office, while still being interesting and fun for the whole team. Forget the boring office exercises or a half-hearted game of hangman before the festive season, these team events bring unique ideas to your space, and give everyone a chance to get stuck in and make some memories as a team.

As unique as they come, the Pub Olympics team eventexperience is a great way to send off the team into the Christmas break. For this particular experience, it’s less Christmas and more competitive as you split into smaller teams and go head to head in a variety of Olympic games. Teams will rotate around all of the games, earning points for their team by working together and having some laughs along the way. Before your pub Olympics team workshop arrives, simply choose the games you want to include, from table football to giant Scalextric and even laser sniper, fill your day with games that suit the team.

If you’d rather treat your team after a busy year of work with a few drinks, we can bring an evening of fun to you with the ever popular mobile cocktail making event. It’s not hard to see why this team workshop is a hit with everyone, as it’s unique, fun and light-hearted charm is fitting for almost any team – as long as they like a drink! Learn to mix, shake and muddle different cocktails (or mocktails) with your team, all in the comfort of your own office. You don’t need to brave the cold for this one, as we’ll bring everything you need to make some delicious drinks, including a professional bartender to teach you the art of mixology.

In the instance that you don’t actually need a full event or just want to add something extra to a team event,hire a cocktail bartenderfor the day or evening for a little treat during the Christmas period. For a few hours, our cocktail bartender will come over to your office or venue and mix, shake and serve all the drinks for the team event so everyone can keep hydrated. Prior to your team event, we’ll send over a list of popular cocktails with all the ingredients you’ll need to supply, and then our cocktail bartender will do the rest of the work on the night.

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