Important Maid of Honour Duties

Important Maid of Honour DutiesBeing the Maid of Honour is a lot of respon­sibility and may feel like more than you can handle but it's not so difficult to ensure the brides big day is truly special. Now you've been named the brides closest friend, here’s a short guide to the most important Maid of Honour Duties you’re expected to fulfil.

As Maid of Honour, you should be attending all dress shops and fittings for the bride and the bridesmaids and making sure everyone’s sorted. Be honest with the bride if you don’t like a dress she’s chosen. We understand you don’t want to hurt her feelings but you also want her to look beautiful on her wedding day. So if you think something isn’t right, make a gentle but truthful suggestion. It’s not mean spirited since you have the brides best interest at heart.

You’re not expected to do all the work but you should be assisting the bride in some of her duties as well. This could include making invitations or other crafty things the bride wants at her wedding e.g. fancy name cards for seating.

One of the most important Maid of Honour Duties is organising the hen night. You don’t have to organise and pay for everything yourself of course, the bridesmaids will chip in as well. You are however the team manager for the project so to speak, seeing as you’re the brides best friend and will know best how to make her hen party special for her. To that end, make sure you ask the bride what kind of hen party she’s after, whether that’s a nice afternoon tea her mother can attend, or a night of booze and cabaret shows with friends. You can also order a free hen party planning checklist to help you get organised.

Maid of Honour DutiesEven just simple emotional or moral support can be a tremendous help for the bride. Unfor­tunately, planning the bride’s happiest day means a lot of stressful ones beforehand. Sometimes simply lending an ear can be one of the most important maid of honour duties.

Offer to help the bride pay for bridesmaid’s dresses. Dresses aren’t cheap and offering to help the bride pay for them is a very generous act that the bride will deeply appreciate.

Spend time and effort on your wedding day speech. Make it funny, sweet and moving. Most importantly, make sure you practise. You can still bring a script of course, but practising will help to calm any nerves you may have on the day and help the speech flow better for the audience. Having said that, don’t worry if you get emotional or make a few mistakes. It happens to everyone and no one is judging you, quite the opposite in fact. They’ll be moved by how happy you are for your friend and are rooting for you to make a lovely speech. Despite the fact you might be feeling nervous, try to relax and enjoy yourself while writing the speech. Reminiscing about all the funny and happy memories you and the bride have made together makes this one of the more fun maid of honour duties.

And finally, hosting a hen party in your home is a thoughtful gesture that the bride is sure to love. 

Happy Henning!

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