What To Do For Your 21st Birthday Bashes

Turning 21 is a very big deal. You were already legally an adult but now you’re like really, really an adult! It’s a bigIdeas for 21st Birthday Bashes turning point in your life and a cause for celebration if there ever was one, so here’s a few brill ideas for 21st birthday bashes.

A cocktail making birthday party is a fantastic evening out which anyone and everyone is sure to love. It’s just a simple and chilled out evening with mates making your very own killer custom-cocktails! An experienced bartender will show you how to use all the professional equipment as well as all the tricks of the trade they’ve picked up along the way.

Learn to mix, muddle and shake any kind of cocktail you want, be it the classic cosmopolitan or a completely new and unique creation that’s all your own! Once you’ve made your drinks you can drink them in the luxurious comfort of your very own privately reserved booths, adding a much appreciated VIP edge to the night. For a very happy birthday you can’t go wrong with cocktail making. Not to mention it’s the perfect way to prink before a big birthday night out!

That’s the nightlife sorted then, but what about the daytime? Zorb bubble games and zorb bubble football is the answer. A fast-paced and thrilling birthday party activity that’ll have you bouncing and rolling all over the place in fits of hysterical laughter. Zorb bubble football is your traditional game of 5-a-side football with the one small difference being you have a giant inflatable bubble wrapped around you. There’s nothing funnier than watching your mates go in for a tackle only to be sent flying across the pitch. As for zorb bubble games, you’ll be playing a variety of fun games like bulldog and relay race, all with zorb bubbles involved of course. Zorb bubble birthday parties are perfect for a hilarious day out.

See all of our birthday party activities and give us a ring on 0161 341 0052 for more information. Have fun and happy birthday!

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