Popular with our Packages

Isn’t it great to be popular? That feeling of having everyone talking about how fabulous you are, everyone wanting to know more about you?

You’re so vain, you probably think this story’s about you! Well, it is. We are sure that you are definitely the right girl to know when it comes to organising a bit of a knees-up and so our shiny, sparkling selection of Popular Packages might be just the place for you to start…

We say ‘organising’ but really you will just be rallying your mates for a party in a method way more effective than a Facebook events page or actual, physical invitations. Oh, and you will be picking the party event too from an amazing array; we don't know how you will stand all the hard work. We, meanwhile, will be working feverishly behind the scenes to make sure all of the niggly bits like booking group accom­moda­tion, entry to activities, finding a decent club for a night of revelry and even sorting out a local safe taxi service to get you back to your hotel.

Fancy a night with the Dreamboys? Perhaps a little old-school fun with a Sports Day event? You could go for the artistic touch (not literally!) as a nude model reveals all to your brood of delighted hens. When you wake up, you’ll either enjoy a perfectly-cooked hot breakfast or turn over and go back to sleep for another hour to try and stave off that inevitable ‘morning-after-the-night-before’ feeling. We recommend the breakfast option: face your fear and win!

If all you want to do is close your eyes and drift off, allowing your senses to be calmed and letting you just forget about all of your worries, then we’ve also got you covered. There are two ways to blissful oblivion: Spa Weekend or Cocktail Weekend. Both are as effective as one another and Funktion Events guarantee that you will be doing it in style, whichever you choose.

So, you would think that the popular packages would have their own place to hang out, standing aloofly aside from the rest of the bunch. 

Wait a minute… they do! Yes, all of the hip activities are AVAILABLE right NOW and just waiting for you to arrive and out-popular them…

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