The Stag Do & How to Survive it

How to Survive the Stag DoA Stag Do can take its toll on any man so we’ve put together a few tips on how to survive the stag do and make it through to morning.

First off, get yourselves a good meal, preferably one with plenty of carbs. Check yourselves into a nice Italian place and stock up on plenty of pasta and pizza. Food helps to slow down the bodies alcohol absorption so you won’t be wasted by 10. As luck would have we know a few nice Italian restaurants for you to wine and dine in.

Drink a lot of water too. Trust us, you’ll thank us for it the next day, unless you enjoy waking up with a throat that’s as dry as a desert. Tactical drinking throughout the night is a good way to ensure you don’t get off your face in an instant.

This options rather grim and should only be treated as a last resort but if you feel the need to throw up we recommend you just let it happen, once you’ve reached the toilets of course. Keeping it down will just make it worse and ruin your night. Make sure to keep some chewing gum handy to freshen your breath after.

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How to Survive the Stag Do 2 It may be in your best interests to impose a camera ban before the night begins. You never know what kind of background checks a potential future employer might do and a picture of you naked and tied to a lamp post covered in tar and feathers doesn’t exactly scream responsible.

One last word of advice. Avoid dark coloured drinks like the plague. Well, okay, not like the plague but the darker drinks have a much higher chance of giving you the hangover from hell and there are plenty more ways to get wasted.

Good luck and have a great stag do!

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