Pulling Off a Themed Stag Do

A themed stag do is great for a laugh and a sure fire way to make your last night of freedom all the more memorable. Here’s a quick how to guide on how to pull off a themed stag do for a brilliant and banterous stag!

How To Pull Off a Themed Stag DoIt takes effort and dedication, but dressing up like the green plastic soldiers is one of the best stag do dress up ideas you can do. Why? Because it’s the perfect costume to play Toy Soldiers in. Toy Soldiers is a great game to play on a stag night out. The rules are simple. At the start of the night each stag reaches into a bag of toy soldiers and pulls one out at random. For the rest of the night, any time the best man shouts assume the position, all members of the group must get into the same position as their chosen soldier, no matter what they’re in the middle of.

If you’re going to dress up for your stag do then you need some co-ordination. Just going in any random costume is a low effort attempt and frankly, not good enough for an event as important as a stag do. So the grooms set on dressing up like B.A. Baracus then he needs the whole A-Team to back him up.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you’ve got enough costumes to match the men. The A-Team is a great idea but there’s only four people, so when deciding on a theme it might be a good idea to go with something like Marvel Avengers. There’s plenty of characters to choose from and even if you run out you can always borrow from D.C. We’ll let you off, just this once.

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