How to Plan Ahead for Your Team Event?

How to Plan Ahead for Your Team Event?

When it comes to planning a team building event you want to make sure you are as organised as you can possibly be.

The best way to ensure you will have a successful event planned ahead of you is by having a checklist which you can use for reference throughout the planning process. If your looking for more ideas we also have virtual team activities that are perfect for large groups.

How to Plan Ahead for Your Team Event?

1. Figure Out What You Want to Achieve

First things first, you and your team need to discuss and figure out exactly what it is that you want to achieve from your event. From knowing this you are then able to decide on exactly what type of team building activities you want to book. It will also give you a better idea of who actually needs to be involved in the event and where it should be.

Treasure Hunts - Choose from a range of themed treasure hunts and explore the city of your choice through fun trivia and challenges. Some of the themes include Spy School Challenge, A Scrum Challenge (rugby themed) and the Ultimate Treasure Hunt with everything in one.

Challenge 100 - Put your team to the test with mental and physical challenges that need team work to complete before the time runs out. Hunt for the tools and materials you need, and then race against the clock in different challenges all worth different points.

Sports Days - For a more fun and light-hearted experience that will feel like a break for the team, an old school sports day experience is the way forward. Throw your team into a bunch of familiar mini games including the egg and spoon race, skipping ropes and space hoppers just to name a few!

Pizza Making - By far the most popular team building activity across the UK, pizza making takes a classic meal with the team and adds something a bit more memorable to the table. Toss the dough, choose your toppings and play some fun games while you learn how to make your own pizzas.

How to Plan Ahead for Your Team Event?

2. Discuss a Budget

Once you know what you are planning on achieving from your event it is time to discuss a budget. It is important that you put a budget in place so that you have a rough idea on what type of team building activities, venues, group sizes and dates that you can look into.

No matter how small your budget is, you can get the team out of the office with a bit of inspiration. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a full day affair there’s a bunch of little active team activities you can build into a full day without going overboard on the budget.

How to Plan Ahead for Your Team Event?

3. Pick a Time and a Place

Now you know what you are wanting to achieve and the type of budget you want to stick to. It is time to decide when and where this event is taking place. Depending on your group size will depend on exactly what type of venue you can book into.

For example, if it is an entire company event you will probably need a large sized function room, if it is a smaller group of you then you can either opt for staying in your company building or finding a smaller sized venue.

By booking a team building ideas through a planner like ourselves, we can use our venue finding service to scout the perfect venue for your event if you don’t already have one in mind.

How to Plan Ahead for Your Team Event?

4. Get Feedback

A few weeks after your event has taken place it would be a good idea to ask everybody who had taken part to leave some feedback! Doing it anonymously is also a great idea as you will be more likely to have a truthful answer. From the feedback you will then be able to see how you can improve on planning the next event.

Similarly, we ask for team reviews from all our events to make sure we hit the right marks, and to see if there’s anything we can improve for next time. If you apply this to your events as well, you’ll effortlessly make your workers feel valued and motivated for the next experience.

How to Plan Ahead for Your Team Event?

5. Forget Who's Boss!

A team event is always a lot more successful if everybody who is taking part puts their all in. This works better when work titles are forgotten about, it doesn’t matter if you are paired up with your manager, somebody you haven’t really spoken to or a colleague that you always work with. By feeling like everybody involved is equal you will have a more enjoyable experience.

Need Help?

Browse through all of our team building activities that are available throughout the UK with our free venue service. Our event planners can help with everything and will tailor your team day to your needs.

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