How to Plan a Better Corporate Event & Things to Consider

How to Plan a Better Corporate Event & Things to Consider

Even the best and most experienced event organizers come across challenges when planning an event. This is an easy guide to help you plan your own event, which includes things you will have consider that are very important for the feasibility of the event.

Concept & Feasibility

Before you start planning, there is an unlimited amount of questions you will need to ask yourself about whether you should go on with the event. We have chosen for you the most useful questions:

  • What/­­Where/­­When/­­Why are you planning on doing?
  • Is the event concept plausible?
  • Do you have the team and financial aspects required?
  • What is your target audience?
  • Will you attract your chosen target audience?  (e.g. charity, client or team)
  • Is it a popular event concept? If so, what will be your unique selling point (USP) to diffe­ren­tiate you from your compe­titiors?
  • Your budget is also a crucial process to undertake in the concept planning. What is your budget and costs?
  • How will you sell your event (cost strategy and sales structure) and how do you know it will sell?

Concept & Feasibility


After you think you are able to go ahead with your event and have all of the above figured out, the next thing to do is undertake and evaluate market research and then start advertising and promoting your event (in house marketing/­­client marketing)!

Attract your target audience, but stay profes­sional! People tend to go to events from trustworthy companies. Create social media accounts.­ Consistency is Key!

Health & Safety

You will need to keep your audience safe and show them you are serious and professional about having control of the possible risks of your event.

Establish who you are responsible for as an event planner (any stakeh­olders)

Identify the date and location of event, as well as the duration, scale and type of event, and the  size and type of audience (This will help you determine the extent to which you will have to focus on the Health & Safety)

Conduct a Risk Assessment (See below to understand how to create a Risk Assessment with a relevant example made for a Cocktail Making Corporate Event)

Health & Safety

How to Create the Perfect Risk Assessment

Once you have identified the aspects above, think about every little risk that could happen before, during and after the event, in terms of financial, equipment, people and venue issues.

Potential Risks

Once you have identified them, make the Risk Assessment.

  • What is the risk? Who is affected?
  • What is the severity of this risk on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most severe)?
  • What is the likelihood of this risk happening on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most likely)?

Multiply those 2 numbers and the final number will tell you whether is it a dangerous risk or not, based on the Risk Matrix (see below).

In the next column of your Risk Assessment, address what measure you need to take to prevent this risk and make this Overall Risk Factor as low as possible.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Matrix

Example of Risks

Once you have created a detailed Risk Assessment, discuss with your employees and the venue you risks and how you are planning on preventing & controlling them and allow for them to add anything.


Make sure you hire trustworthy and reliable suppliers for equipments to prevent some of the risks in your Risk Assessment (this may take some time… make research, talk to them about what they offer and their knowledge on health & safety.

Do they have enough resources? Do they have evidence of their success as a company as well as well trained workers?)

Make sure you have assigned the monitoring roles and respon­­sibility equally in your team before the event. Everyone needs to know the Health & Safety procedures before the event.


At the Event - Have Fun!

Creativity is vital when it comes to corporate or business events.­ The most important part is making your guests happy and keeping them entertained. Exceed their expectations by going by your promises and objectives. Everything you have advertised is what the attendees should receive. If you do that, the guests will trust you and you will grow new relati­­on­­ships.

We understand that finding a fun way to discuss business can be tricky. Therefore, we have come up with various activities that are suitable to undertake for a creative corporate event, such as Karaoke, Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt or our very popular Cocktail Making!

At the Event

If customers like your event, they will talk about you to their connections and this will bring you new interests, and this is the magic for growing your business. Everyone starts small, and it is by experience and consistency that you will grow.

If you have decided to do a serious business event, “having fun” might not be the key phrase, but it is still important to keep your guests entertained and informed. They still have expec­tations, or an insight on your event, so you will need to show them exactly what you advertised.

If you have decided that your event is a private event, by invitation only, it is still important to make connections and advertise your name for future references.

Keeping Guests Entertained

Your Personality & Actions

Note to self:

  • Be Prepared and Plan for Contin­gen­cies (have a Plan B, watch out for potential threat & risks and make sure you have made yourself some time to deal with that, triple check everything)
  • Have passion for this event, make sure you do things you enjoy during this event
  • Be professional (flexible, adaptable and resourceful)
  • Stay calm while under pressure or when the unexpected situations happen (be patient whilst putting everything together)
  • Have a vision (what does your perfect corporate event look like? How will it positively impact your stakeh­olders?)
  • Have attention to details
  • Have the ability to listen and understand you guest’s goals (be selfless and give them confidence while addressing new ideas/goals)
  • Be modest, honest and sincere
  • Use a corporate events provider that you trust, with the skill set necessary to carry out your desired event thoroughly. We would love to help you and give you the full experience of organizing an corporate event!

After reading this article, we're sure you'll want to check out all our Corporate Event Ideas. If you want further information about any of our offerings, then please don't hesitate to contact us on 01613410052 where one of our specialist corporate managers will be able to assist you.

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