How to Make the Most Out of Fathers Day

How to Make the Most Out of Fathers Day

Treat your dad to something special this year.

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we thought we would give you a helping hand and put together the ultimate guide on how to make the most out of this special Sunday in June. Whether you need help with choosing an activity, planning what food to eat or a present to give your dad this year- we have got you covered.

What included in this article

The Best Activities for Dads

Go Karting

Pros - you can put your driving tips off dad to the test.
Cons - you’ll probably have to let your dad win this one.

How to Make the Most Out of Fathers Day - Go Karting

Enjoying a trip to a go karting course would be a great shout for Father’s Day weekend! What better way to inject some friendly competition into your family day out then with a race in some go karts. If your dad is a lover of driving and often watches the F1 then a karting experience like this will be perfect.

Pub Golf

Pros - perfect opportunity to drink your dad under the table.
Cons - all the family may not be able to go along as this game is 18+.

How to Make the Most Out of Fathers Day - Pub Golf

If you are wanting to create your own activity and everyone in your family is over 18 then pub golf will be perfect. Choose your pub course and create your pars for each hole (pub) and then off you go. Pair your trip to the pubs with some golf attire to really make the most of this pub golf experience.


Pros - fun & competitive event where you won’t get told off for aiming at your dad!
Cons - there may be some hefty bruises when you are finished…

How to Make the Most Out of Fathers Day - Paintballing

Test how good your aim is as you go head to head in the ultimate experience. Paintballing would be a great addition to your Father’s Day celeb­ra­tions. If you are looking for action, adrenaline, fun, and plenty of memory making then this activity will be perfect. Why not get all the dads in your family together and make it a full day event for everyone?

Go on a Family Hike

Pros - a breath of fresh air with some beautiful scenery to take in.
Cons - not great if everyone in the family aren’t fans of walking.

How to Make the Most Out of Fathers Day - Hike

If Father’s Day falls on a sunny weekend then heading out on a big family hike will be a great idea. You could go on your dad’s favourite walk or try somewhere completely new for the occasion. As well as it being a great way to get some fresh air and keep active it also makes your tea that evening feel more rewarding if you have been on a family hike in the day.

Father’s Day Presents

Men’s Personalised Wooden Accessory Stand

Fathers Day - Men’s Personalised Wooden Accessory Stand

Personalised Name Bottle Opener

Fathers Day - Personalised Name Bottle Opener

Dadalorian & The Child Matching T-Shirts & Babygrow

Fathers Day - Dadalorian & The Child Matching T-Shirts & Babygrow

Personalised Dad Photo Keyring

Fathers Day - Personalised Dad Photo Keyring

Personalised Classic Pint Glass

Fathers Day - Personalised Classic Pint Glass

Arm Chair Caddy

Fathers Day - Arm Chair Caddy

Barber Pro Skin Revival Mask Set

Fathers Day - Barber Pro Skin Revival Mask Set

Bulldog Exclusive Grooming Bundle

Fathers Day - Bulldog Exclusive Grooming Bundle

Dad’s Pear Drops & Rhubarb & Custard Sweets

Fathers Day - Dad’s Pear Drops Rhubarb Custard Sweets

World’s Best Dad Mug

Fathers Day - World's Best Dad Mug

Food & Drink Ideas for Father’s Day

Hickory's at Home - Fathers Day BBQ Box

How to Make the Most Out of Fathers Day - Hickorys At Home

If your dad loves a good BBQ and you want to treat him to something delicious in the comfort of his own home then the Hickory’s at Home Father’s Day BBQ Box will be perfect! Inside you will have everything you need to enjoy a feast fit for 4 people to share. There are smokehouse classics and BBQ favourites that you can put together and enjoy in 20 minutes!

The box contains:

  • The Ultimate Pitmaster Burger kit (makes 4 x epic burgers).
    • Hickory’s Beef Burger Patties (x4)
    • Streaky Bacon Rashers (x4)
    • Brioche Buns (x4)
    • Smoked Brisket Slices (x4)
    • Slices of American Cheese (x8)
    • Pickles & Onions
  • Full Rack of Memphis Ribs
  • Classic Mac ‘n’ Cheese
  • x4 Corn Dogs
  • Tater Tots with American Style Cheese Sauce
  • Corn-on-the-Cob (x4 halves)
  • House Slaw

Father’s Day Gift:

  • Pitmaster Apron (limited edition)
  • A Tub of Hickory’s Magic Dust
  • A Bottle Southern Style Sop – for mopping your Memphis Ribs
  • A Bottle of Hickory’s BBQ Sauce – for your Pitmaster Burgers
  • Hickory’s Pale Ale (x2 330ml cans)
  • A Glass Tankard (1/2 pint)

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Make Your Own Gentlemen's Afternoon Tea

How to Make the Most Out of Fathers Day - Gentlemen's Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is a no brainer when it comes to Mother’s Day, so why should it be any different for Father’s Day? Take a traditional afternoon tea and make it more suited to your dad. Swap out your sandwiches for mini burgers, add some fish in batter or a savoury tart and keep your scone and sweet treat. Pair it with some beer or his favourite hot beverage and it will definitely be an experience that he will love.

Favourite Cuisine Themed Night

How to Make the Most Out of Fathers Day - Cuisine Themed Night

Go all out and create a full evening based on their favourite cuisine. For example if its Mexican why not have enchiladas, nachos, rice, tequila, sombreros for everyone to wear, the full works. It’s a great way to make the meal dedicated to your dad’s favourite things. You could even decorate the kitchen with the flag of where the cuisine originates from and have themed games to play after you have ate.

Put Together a Picnic

How to Make the Most Out of Fathers Day - Picnic

Putting a picnic together would make the perfect Father’s Day tea if the sun is shining. Get all your dad’s favourite snacks and items that will go together as a buffet style tea. As well as food you could also get some alcoholic beverages to take with you like his favourite beer or pre-made cocktails. Once you’ve got all your food together you could enjoy eating it in the park, in your garden or at the beach.

Decorations for a Father’s Day at Home

Father’s Day Party Range

Fathers Day - Fathers Day Party Range

16” Father’s Day Deco

Fathers Day - 16 Fathers Day Deco

Dad Father’s Day Photo Bunting

Fathers Day - Dad Fathers Day Photo Bunting

5 Happy Father’s Day Confetti Balloons

Fathers Day - 5 Happy Fathers Day Confetti Balloons

Father’s Day Bunting

Fathers Day - Fathers Day Bunting

Father’s Day Bubble Balloon in a Box

Fathers Day - Father's Day Bubble Balloon in a Box

Best Dad Ever Bunting

Fathers Day - Best Dad Ever Bunting

Love You Dad Balloon Bunting

Fathers Day - Love You Dad Balloon Bunting

Father’s Day Balloon Boxes

Fathers Day - Fathers Day Balloon Boxes

Step Dad Photo Banner

Fathers Day - Step Dad Photo Banner

Did you know?

We also have activities for stag parties that your dad will enjoy that are available across some amazing stag do destinations in the UK & Abroad.

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