How to Keep Team Morale High During Winter

How to Keep Team Morale High During Winter

With everything that has gone on during 2020 one of the most important things you need to remember within your business is keeping your teams spirits high!

Usually for most businesses the winter months are where profits usually peak but due to other factors that also come with winter months it can be even harder to keep all your team motivated and in high spirits. The darkness and coldness that comes during these months are some of the reasons that cause many people to feel depressed and unmotivated, especially with the depletion of finances that many feel in December and January.

The darker months always take their toll on employees and even more so this year if your company has adapted to working from home. Removing the morning catch up whilst making a coffee in the office and the general natter you have with colleagues can really make a difference to peoples working lives. Which is why now more than ever you need to ensure you keep team morale high during winter.

Benefits of Team Morale Boosters

There are so many benefits of team morale boosters, especially when it comes to working from home. Since you aren’t together in the office it is important that you provide your team with little boosters that will keep everyone’s spirits high. It could be something simple like sending out everyone a little care package with some treats inside or even just a zoom call on a Friday afternoon to enjoy a drink together!

See our selection of social distancing activities for an interactive day out!

If you are still all in the office together there are some great oppor­tuni­ties for ways to boost team morale. You could bring in some treats for the team as an afternoon snack or even treat them to lunch in the office. Or put together a quiz for a Friday afternoon to thank them for their week of work and enjoy a bit of fun together.

Team boosters like this will improve your team’s produc­tivity, keep everyone motivated and help their mental health during the darker months of the year! As well as simple ways to do this you could also plan some team events for both your team in the office or your team working from home.

Did You Know?

Globally there has been a huge increase in the investment of virtual events – we’re talking about a 2500% increase to be exact! This mainly boils down to the sudden shift into remote working by the majority of businesses.

Bonding and having an increased sense of familiarity with one another in a team will result in a positive increase in performance. What better way to do this than hosting a virtual event? A 2006 Harvard study suggests that when working with a familiar team performance is enhanced!

One of the downsides to the colder months and remote working is that employees tend to feel more isolated than any other time. Conse­qu­en­ti­ally this reduces productivity by about 21%. This is why team moral boosters and events are great – they reduce any feeling of isolation and improve motivation!

Employee satisfaction is increased by 50% when people have a close friend at work. It makes colleagues less likely to look for job oppor­tuni­ties elsewhere and more likely to be invested in their job! So, getting your team bonding over an online session seems even more fool proof than ever.

Data collected from TeamBuilding.

Events to Help with Team Morale During Winter

Virtual Cocktail Making

Nothing brings a team together quite like some cocktails so why not have a go at making your own? You will have a box delivered to all your guests houses prior to the event with all the ingredients and equipment needed. Then on the day join the event call and learn how to make 4 different cocktails with a professional mixologist!

Virtual Escape Rooms

Test your logic solving and brain power as you and your team work together to solve different cryptic messages and problems in order to escape from your room. Its an experience that will test everyone whilst using strategy, commu­nica­tion, and teamwork. You will have 60 minutes to work through everything and escape!

The Virtual Team Quiz

Whether you want a treat to start the week or end the week this will be perfect. It will inject some friendly competition into your team. Split up into smaller groups and go head to head answering different questions along with a quick fire trivia round. There will also be some photo challenges that you can complete to earn points.

The Daily Kick Off

Perfect for morale boosting, kick start your day off with a set of creative challenges that will be suitable for both in the office and remote working. There will be daily tasks for everyone to complete for up to a month. The event is completely self-run and is perfect to get your team energised and ready for a productive day.

Virtual Murder Mystery

Work as a team and piece together all the evidence you find to figure out who the killer is and solve the crime. Your event will start with a briefing from your online host who will set the crime scene and give you all the information you need. Then you will have to work together to investigate and read the profiles of the suspects.

Need some help?

We have some amazing virtual team events that will be perfect for you and your team whether your working remotely or in the office!

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