How to Host a Virtual Hen Do

Virtual Hen Do

Who would have thought that 2020 was the year of the virtual hen do?

Not us! But here we are and as the year goes on we are seeing more and more budding brides still being able to celebrate their hen weekends on a virtual level. Even as things are easing a digital event is still a great idea as some people may be self-isolating for medical reasons of because they’ve jetted off to another country! We thought we would give you a helping hand in how to host a virtual gathering and cover everything that you need to include.

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What Are Virtual Hen Do Activities?

Virtual, online hen activities are exactly what it says on the tin – fun games and an event that can take place remotely for all the parti­cipants. This means that no matter where your girlfriends are in the world, they can celebrate the weekend with your bride to be! In 2020, a lockdown hen party became the norm with the surprise COVID pandemic.­  See how Funktion Events handled Covid-19 for over 650+ hen groups affected by it.  Unfor­tunately, a lot of budding brides have a cancelled celebration and time on their hands. However, a virtual and/or a cheeky zoom call changed the game and made a lot of bridal parties feel less isolated.

Why Have an Online Hen Party?

There’s multiple reasons why groups choose an online hen celebration, especially in these recent, unpre­ced­ented times. Unfor­tunately, groups can’t really practice social distancing when dancing at a nightclub. If you organise some virtual hen night games, everyone can join in without feeling the pressure of a night out or weekend away. A zoom hen do is also really budget friendly as virtual parties are cheaper and you don’t need to pay for transport anywhere. Plus, anyone in the world can get involved!

Online Games for a Virtual Hen Weekend

During your virtual get together we are sure you will want to try out some online games! Because let’s be honest what hen celebration is complete without some games? If you were all together on the weekend there is no doubt that you’d be enjoying some games and having some fun. So the remote hen do doesn’t have to be any different! There are so many traditional hen party games that can work and become online games. We're sure with any one of the games listed below you will be having so much fun you will forget that you aren’t together!

Mr & Mrs Quiz

When it comes to games for a virtual party you want to incorporate some classics like the Mr & Mrs Quiz. A classic that everyone knows and loves and even through a virtual hen party you will still be able to enjoy it. Get your list of questions ready to go for the upcoming event! See 100's of Mr & Mrs question ideas here.

Virtual Hen Do Quiz

In the recent years, all pub quizzes that you go to have virtual aspects of them. Whether you use your phone or they have special tablets there ready for you to use. So making a virtual quiz will be a piece of cake! You could either all have a different topic to get questions together for or have one person create the whole quiz.

Printable Hen Night Games

Printable games are a great addition to an online hen do! You will be able to find a variety of different games like virtual hen bingo, guess the dress, advice for the bride and more! We have put together a huge list of some of our favourite printable games that you can add into your celebrations below.

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DIY Hen Party Games

Are Virtual Hen Party Games Fun to Do Remotely?

The short answer is yes! Virtual games are really fun remotely with the right people! A lot of these games are purpose-made for groups in separate locations. This means you don’t need a lot of equipment or a present events manager to enjoy yourselves. You can have a glass of bubbly and look forward to a virtual scavenger hunt from the comfort of your favourite armchair. Remote parties aren’t just fun but they’re also really effective to stop your gal pals feeling isolated. Especially if your bride to be has had a cancelled wedding and feeling deflated.

Virtual Hen Party Ideas

Its your chance to get creative and make the most of what you have around you. And there are some amazing virtual ideas that you will be able to come up with that will work great for you and the girls. Some of our favourite ideas are:

Movie Night – Using things like Netflix Party is a great excuse for all the girls to have a movie night. Get some snacks and drinks and enjoy sharing this experience together

Bake Off – Like the TV show, why not put your baking skills to the test and pick a certain item that everyone needs to bake, judge the presentation at the end of the time.

Karaoke – A great addition to any evening, whether you want to all sing together or split up the lines for each hen it will be so much fun even during a virtual hen party!

Fancy Dress Night – If the bride-to-be loves fancy dress why not get together virtually in some fancy dress? As well as adding drinking games and snacks to the night!

The Best Virtual Hen Party Accessories

No hen gathering is complete without incor­porating some accessories right? And even on a virtual event adding some accessories will be a great added extra that all of the girls will love. The virtual hen is the perfect excuse to get dressed up and add some fun accessories into the night to really make it a party! Here are some of our favourite hen accessories…

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Are the Virtual Hen Do Ideas Suitable for Cancelled Hen Party Events 2020?

If you’ve had the bad news of a cancelled event in 2020 or beyond, a virtual event is absolutely perfect! You can throw one a online together last minute and no one even needs to leave home. With travel restrictions in place because of the coronavirus, friends and family abroad can also join in with a virtual hen do.

What Do I Need for a Virtual Hen  Do Online?

What device do I need?

All you need is a smartphone (iPhone or Android), tablet or computer with internet connection.

Will I need a webcam?

We’d advice a webcam or phone camera so all the girls can see each other and feel a sense of toget­herness. However just audio connection can work too!

Can I use free software for video calling?

Definitely! Having a zoom hen party has become the new trend in 2020, but other free software’s like Facebook messenger work great too. Remember zoom offers a free service.

Will I need Wifi connection or 4G?

Yes, everyone in your group will require either Wifi connection of 4G to interact with one another.


Need more inspiration?

We offer 100s of hen party activities across 40+ hen do locations in the UK that will be perfect for any hen celebration you are planning.

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