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Greyhound, the American bus company that sends vehicles pretty much everywhere right across the USA, famously said that ‘Getting There is Half the Fun’, referring to the then-novel method of travelling. It holds true for a lot of experiences and the hen party of a lifetime is no different at all: the fun starts before you even leave the house with the PLANNING!

How to Double Your Party Pleasure Cocktail MakingBefore we say anything else, let us hasten to add that we use the word ‘planning’ in its mildest form and what you will actually be doing is more like deciding on the best out of a whole bunch of brilliant things. All of the ACTUAL planning, the dull and time-consuming stuff such as sorting out accom­moda­tion, arranging activities (along with materials and expert tutors), putting together a bespoke restaurant, bar and club guide etc, will be done by our expert team so you won't have to do anything more strenuous than clicking your screen.

We think that if you're going to do something then you should do it properly so why not make a night of it? A sort of pre-Hen Night, where you can all look together at what’s on offer, make a decision, have a giggle and get it booked, before the Prosecco has even had chance to stop fizzing.

Here is our simple six-step guide to turning the journey into a destination in itself…

Buy Supplies. You’re going to need fizz and munchies; a party isn't a party without the party supplies!

Sneaky Peek. You’re already here and reading this so now is the perfect time to have a quick look around the site and see how it all works so you will be navigating like a pro, even after the fizz. Also, see which activity grabs YOUR fancy and see if you can give it a plug. You’re the one ‘organising’ everything, so why not spare a thought for yourself?!

How to Double Your Party Pleasure PaintballingParty Time! As we all do everything on smartphones now, it might feel a bit weird sitting round the computer screen, a sort of modern echo of pre-TV families sitting around the piano or wireless. Get over it. Crowd together on cushions, shove for space on the sofa or flake out on the floor, just have some quality time as a group.

Choices, Choices. With our huge range of activities, there’s bound to be some great banter between you all as you discuss the various pros and cons of each. Whittle it down to a shortlist and bundle up more than one activity if there are split decisions. It is a minicosm of political society; how will YOURS fare?

Pay Up. When (if?) you're all in agreement, then it’s time to seal the deal. No need to pay all at once though; a £20 deposit secures your Hen party. 

Wake Up. As you emerge from your bed with a headache from last night’s fizz, wonder in amazement at yourself just hours before, boldly reassuring the group that a session of paintballing directly after cocktail making wouldn’t be a dangerous idea. We can’t wait to see the social media photograph carnage. Have fun!

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