How to Choose Your Wedding Food

How to: Choose Your Wedding Food

The most important aspect of planning…the food.

But what to have? Deciding on what food you are going to have throughout your wedding reception and night do can be tricky. Especially when you are trying to please everyone. Whether you want to go simple and quick or formal and traditional. We are here to help show you how to choose your wedding food!

15 Wedding Food Ideas to Feature in Your Wedding Day

1. Wedding Food Tucks

Over the recent years, wedding food trucks have become extremely popular. If you are wanting a more informal choice with a wide variety of options this could be your answer. There are so many different food trucks available too! Remember though these are only suitable if you are planning your wedding in the spring/summer and early autumn as they are based outside. Nobody wants to be queueing up outside for a pizza in the winter right?

Wedding Food Truck Ideas:

  • Pizza
  • Churros
  • Ice Cream
  • Burgers
  • Waffles

2. Wedding Buffet Catering

A popular addition to a wedding night do but also great if you are having one big day/night do. It’s a lot easier to cater for a lot of people with something like buffet catering. With this you can have a long row of tables with different hot and cold food available for everyone to go up and serve themselves. Usually you have a set time when the buffet will serve food.

3. Wedding Donut Wall

Another wedding food idea that is seen everywhere recently. Who would turn down a donut if they were faced with an entire wall of them? This is a fun and really easy food addition that all of your guests will be sure to love!

4. Sit Down Wedding Dinner

If you are having a day and night wedding do separate you might prefer to have a sit down wedding dinner. Usually these are during the day and you will have 3 courses to enjoy. This is a great food idea if you are wanting to include a seating plan.

5. Sharing Platters

Another great food idea for a seating plan is sharing platters. You can put together little boards full of hot and cold food that will be perfect to enjoy between two or three people. Instead of doing a buffet you can get the same affect with this without having queues and running out of different foods.

6. Canapes for Weddings

Planning a cocktail hour for the beginning of the day? Add some canapes into the experience for your guests. A nice touch that everyone will enjoy. We’re talking mini burgers, savoury tarts, spring rolls, samosas you get the idea!

7. Food Wedding Favours

If you’ve sorted your food out for the wedding but need some ideas for wedding favours why not turn them into food wedding favours? We have seen so many people incorporate a light snack into the wedding favours. This could be anything savoury, sweet or even alcohol related!

8. Alternative Wedding Cakes

People usually have the wedding cake as the main dessert option for their guests. But why not add an alternative wedding cake into your day. You can get so many different cakes, some of our favourites are a pork pie wedding cake, M&S’s Collin the caterpillar and even just having a tiered stand full of cake pops!

9. Wedding Food Stations

Similar to a buffet without having to queue as much and having a particular time you have to go up for food. Wedding food stations are a great shout. Especially if you are wanting to keep your food indoors. There are so many different food stations you can get that people can enjoy throughout your wedding!

Wedding Food Station Ideas:

  • Popcorn
  • Taco
  • Crepe & Waffles
  • Chocolate Fountain or Fondue
  • Cheese

10. Afternoon Tea

Everyone loves afternoon tea, if you are planning a vintage themed wedding or just fancy something classy and a little bit unique. Adding afternoon tea into your wedding could be the answer! Another great idea if you have a seating plan for your wedding but want to avoid the 3 course meals!

11. Barbeque Wedding

Is your wedding going to be in the summer months? Fancy something different? Why not add a barbeque into your wedding? Everyone can enjoy some BBQ food in the sunshine together. You could even put all the cooked BBQ food into a buffet for everyone!

12. Wedding Pick & Mix

If you are after something fun (especially if you have kids) at your wedding, a pick & mix table could be a great shout! Get a little kart, paper bags and jars and fill them all sorts of different pick & mix sweets for everyone to help themselves to.

13. Fruit Buffet

Not a traditional buffet but something that some people might be looking for. Especially if you are planning a summer wedding sometimes there is nothing better than some fresh fruit in the sun.

14. Wedding Dessert Tables

Once everyone has eaten something savoury we’re sure they’ll be looking for where they can find the sweet treats. If you aren’t wanting to just supply one or two dessert options a wedding dessert table might be the perfect thing! Offer a variety of different desserts for everyone to enjoy during the evening.

15. Mobile Bar Service

And where there’s food involved there has to be some sort of drink right? Make sure you don’t forget about this when it comes to choosing your wedding food. Like the food trucks, you can get a mobile bar service that can provide a variety of drinks from cocktails, prosecco and even gin!

7 Mistakes Made When Choosing Your Wedding Food

1. Trying to Include too Many Food Options

Sometimes less is more. If you try to include too many food options people could get overwhelmed at the amount of choice. And you don’t want to have loads of left overs right?

2. Not Having Enough Food

Having said that, you want to make sure that you do have enough food and don’t end up running out. The last thing you need is your now father-in-law not being able to have any dessert!

3. Forgetting the Season Your Wedding Falls In

Usually you plan your wedding food one of two seasons before the season of your wedding. Make sure you bare this in mind when you are choosing an outdoor BBQ for your winter wedding.

4. Not Asking About Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

Although you can’t cater for everything it is important you cater for those who have allergies and dietary restrictions.

5. Including Difficult to Eat Food

Make your wedding easy and mess free by thinking about the food you are choosing. You don’t want to be sat there with some awkward sea food that could end up all over your dress.

6. Forgetting You Have Kids at the Wedding

Most of the time when you are choosing your wedding food you think about the adults but forget if you have kids there. If you have a kid free wedding, you don’t need to worry about this one!

7. Thinking a Buffet is the Cheapest Option

Buffets are extremely common and reliable for a wedding, especially if you want to make sure you have a variety of options available. But sometimes it can become quite pricey!

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