How to: Choose Your Wedding Enter­ta­inment

How to: Choose Your Wedding Entertainment

Now if you have started planning your wedding you will quickly realise how much you have to think about.

You’ve got your dress, the guest list, the food, the venue, the décor and of course there are many more things to think about but today we are going to help you figure out how to choose your wedding enter­ta­inment.

Whether you are after a DJ or a Band, magician or comedian. You always have to think and prepare your options with your wedding. We have come up with 5 tips to help you figure out exactly what type of enter­ta­inment will suit your special day the most.

Book Early

Make sure you book your wedding enter­ta­inment as soon as you have booked your venue. The earlier you book the more likely you are to get your first choice, for example most wedding bands, DJs and magicians are usually booked up 12 months in advance. Not only will booking early save disap­po­in­tment but it will also be a better price.

Meet Face to Face

It is important to meet your potential enter­ta­inment; this way you can get a real feel for what they will offer as well as gaining some trust between each other. With all of the other planning going on the last thing you want is to be worried that they won’t do exactly what you have been expecting.

Make Sure You Have a Back Up Plan

For whatever reason, your enter­ta­inment may not be able to make it on the day. So it is always important to make sure that you have a last minute cover.

Do They Fit in with The Venue?

It is important to run through with your venue whether there is enough room for your enter­ta­inment to set up, especially if it is a band.

What Atmosphere Will They Create?

Depending on the mood and atmosphere you want during your wedding will depend on what enter­ta­inment you will want. So before you decide on your enter­ta­inment you need to figure out how you want the night to beand then what your chosen enter­ta­inment will bring.

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