VIP - How To Be One

Lots of us dream of having a Personal Assistant. Being able to take your eye off the ball, relaxing as all the busywork is done by someone else, leaving you free to attend to the serious business of enjoying yourself: what’s not to love?

A perfect PA would especially come in handy when it comes to party planning and, come to that, a Party Planner would come in quite handy too! Sound like a dream that couldn’t come true? Think again…

We would like to introduce our combination PA and Party Planner, the VIP area which you gain instant access to from the moment you book an event with Funk:tion. A tireless, accurate and efficient worker, this online tool will keep an eye on all of the important details about your upcoming event, relaying them to you in a clear, easy-to-understand format so that you have nothing to worry about except choosing the guests!

MyEvents VIP Area is packed with features to enhance your party experience with Funk:tion events. Once you’re signed in, you get instant access to every aspect of your event, including the three I’s...

  • Invitations. Traditional paper invitations aren’t really used for informal events any more; they are expensive to buy and time-consuming to send. Equally, invitations sent out by text involve lots of boring fiddling about and it’s hard to keep track of who has responded and how. You could make a Facebook event, but how many of us bother to check these, seeing as there are so many of them? The best way is to have it all in one, dedicated place and MyEvents VIP area is that place. Send your invites, see the RSVPs instantly, enjoy watching the group develop.

  • Itinerary. You and your.invited guests have 24-hr access to a detailed itinerary of the plans for the activity, including times and locations. So if somebody shows up in the right place at the wrong time, in the wrong place at the right time or (the worst case scenario) the wrong place at the wrong time, it won't be your fault

  • IOUs. Ah, the sordid topic of coin. Avoid all the hassle of being treasurer by letting MyEvents VIP Area take on the role. Timely reminders will be sent out, a list of who has paid what displayed to you and the standard range of payment types will be accepted.

There is much more to discover in the MyEvents VIP Area: review details then start booking your event for instant access!

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