Hostage Kidnap Team Activity in Southampton

Hostage Kidnap
  • Hostage Kidnap
  • Hostage Kidnap Team Building
  • Hostage Kidnap Team Building Activity
  • Hostage Kidnap Team Building Event
  • Hostage Kidnap Team Building Experience

Activity Details

  • Rescue your kidnapped CEO
  • Scotland Yard Detectives
  • Surveillance & negotiating
  • Meet up with informants

Take on an immense challenge and push your colleagues abilities to the breaking point with the immersive Hostage Kidnap team building activity in Southampton. After receiving a special briefing from ex-detectives on the current situation, you will be tasked with rescuing your captured CEO before it’s too late by learning and developing special skills that are used in real-world cases to solve similar crimes in order to get them to safety. Aside from the immersion and engaging experience, participants can also develop soft skills along the way that are highly sought after in any workplace, like great communication, leadership and teamwork to name a few.

What’s Included

  • Challenge your team to rescue their kidnapped CEO within 3 hours
  • Learn surveillance and negotiation skills from Scotland Yard Detectives
  • Meet up with a police informer and extract information from them
  • Pay a cash ransom and track down the money
  • Examine items and decipher clues
  • This activity is suitable for 20 to 150+ participants
  • Promotes beneficial skills such as communication and leadership
  • Will travel to your venue
  • The winning team will receive prizes at the end of the activity


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