The Guide for Bridesmaids

Are you in line to be a bridesmaid soon? You need to read the Funktion Events guide first. And here it is…

The first thing you’ve thought about is what you’re going to wear. With what jewellery. And what about your hair? Where’s the hen party? But don’t get caught up in yourself too much, it’s all about pleasing the bride-to-be. You’ve got respon­sibi­lities and you might have to make a few compromises so remember, it’s not all about you!

Going out shopping for the dress together with the bride is essential. The bridesmaid’s dresses need to coordinate with the wedding gown, complementing it without upstaging. Let the bride direct the choices but don’t be pushed into wearing anything that you really don’t like or feel uncomfortable in.
The Drunk
Having the hen party the night before the wedding isn’t a great idea. Plan it in advance with Funktion Events and leave some time to recover when it's over, particularly if you have booked one of our weekend packages! A girls night in is the best choice and it’s even better if you can arrange to sleep over so that you’re there right from the start in the morning.

The morning of the wedding is likely to be a dramatic time. As a bridesmaid, this is where you have to be cool, calm and collected because the heightened nerves of the bride will pick up on the slightest tension in the air. Be the perfect bridesmaid and carry out her diva demands without complaining, help her to get ready and don’t put the dress on till last.
The Drunk
Breakfast is essential. And not a Champagne breakfast either! Make sure you all eat something nutritious or you could be dealing with an embarrassing faint situation halfway through the nuptials.
As soon as the bride is in her dress, you have to become her defenders. You must keep a protective watch to see that nobody goes ANYWHERE NEAR her with food, drink or anything else that might cause the dress to be marked or stained. This is one of the top 5 fears for brides everywhere so it is ultra important that you do a good job.

Marriages need a lot of celebration so enjoy a party you’ll remember for a lifetime: book with Funktion Events today!

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