Dont Forget the Hen Weekend Last Minute Bits

Hen Weekend Last Minute Bits Goodie Bags

Planning a hen party can be quite a difficult task without any added last-minute stress. With your hen weekend right around the corner, now would be the perfect time for planning your hen weekend last-minute bits. So, here’s some ideas of bits you could include to complete your weekend.

If you’re planning a hen party last minute, why not check out our packages and ideas to make your hen party one to remember.

Goodie Bags

Goodie Bags, the important hen weekend last-minute bit. Yes, I know, the word ‘goodie bag’ must make you feel like a child again. Think of these as more hen party survival kits. Firstly, decide on your bag preference. Once you’ve figured that step out you can start the fun part...what to put in them.

The first thing for your bag would be a miniature bottle of alcohol. You could go for a small bottle of champagne/­prosecco or a shot. Also, shot glasses of course! What else are your hens meant to drink their alcohol from?

The next would be some sort of headwear whether it be a tiara or some animal ears. It’s a staple part of a hen party outfit if you’re out for the night in town!

Another idea could be sashes, when rolled up these can easily fit into a goodie bag. Sashes have been a hen party essential for years. With a variety of designs and colours you could choose from there’s no reason to break tradition.


Hen Weekend Last Minute Bits ItineraryIt’s probably very clear to all your hens what the plan is for your weekend. But just in case it’s probably a good idea to create an itinerary. This could include an overview of timings and the locations. You could add your contact details for any last-minute questions or suggestions the other hens may have.

If itinerary making isn’t your cup of tea, we have a My Events VIP Area. This area contains an online itinerary for you and the rest of the hens to access with every detail of your event.


Think about the transport to and from your hen party. Is it far away? Are all the hens located across a wide area? It might make sense to organise transport before the day or it might be easier for everyone to make their own way to and from.

Hangover Helpers

This is preparation for the morning after. Depending on how drastic your hangover may be there are a few suggestions on what may help. Firstly sunglasses, everyone knows wearing sunglasses are a must for your sensitive eyes the next morning. Finally, painkillers could also be useful regarding how your head is feeling after the big night.

And if all of this isn’t enough we have our hen party handbook which have some hen party games, t shirts, check lists and more!

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