Hen Weekend Destinations

Hen Weekend Destinations 2018

Its 2018 ladies and the first few months of the year is when we like to get organised.

Whether that be with our fitness plans, summer holidays or most importantly, the upcoming hen parties!

Sometimes the hardest decision when it comes to the hen party planning is where to go and if that sounds like the issue you’re having at the moment then keep on reading.

We have put together a list of the 6 best hen do destinations in the UK and Europe for a hen weekend like no other in 2018.


Hen Weekend Destinations London

First up is of course the UK’s capital and the city loved by almost everybody, London.

This city oozes class and is the perfect place to go if your bride-to-be doesn’t want to leave the country but does want the celebration of her lifetime!

And when it comes to the London hen party activities, oh we could go on forever.

Anything and everything you could ever want to do you’ll be able to in the big city

The perfect place to celebrate the bride-to-be with hen weekends in UK!


Hen Weekend Destinations Palma

Heading outside of the country doesn’t always mean having a wild hen weekend away. 

Sometimes sophisticated hen weekends abroad are overdue so why not incorporate it into the hen weekend and go to Palma?

It is the ideal destination to head to if you and the girls want to celebrate in the sun with a cocktail in your hands.

And the Palma hen party activities are to die for! A truly brilliant and exciting way for you and the girls to enjoy the sun, the sea and the sand as well as creating amazing memories.


Hen Weekend Destinations Bristol

Bristol is known as the Green Capital and is on the up for being one of the best hen destinations out there.

It is a vibrant city that is full of life along with its own uniqueness that runs throughout the city.

You would only need to spend a day exploring to instantly fall in love with everyone and everything here. 

But between the exploring you will of course want to add some of the Bristol hen party activities to help make this experience memorale.

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Hen Weekend Destinations Amsterdam

Another great hen do destination is Amsterdam.

Although Amsterdam’s reputation is strongly towards stags. 

2018 is the year to change that so ladies pack your bags and head over to the beautiful Netherlands.

If you look past the Red Light District you will soon realise that this city is full of incredibly beautiful and amazingly unique places to explore.

Whether you’re after a bite to eat or a quick coffee stop in between your Amsterdam hen party activities, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Hen Weekend Destinations Liverpool

This one is a no brainer, Liverpool is one of the best cities in the country for a hen weekends UK and no matter where in the city you head 

You’ll definitely have an amazing time.

And with some of the best nightlife offerings around you and the girls can be guaranteed a celebration like no other.

Especially when you pair the weekend with some of the Liverpool hen party activities.

Your bride-to-be will be in for a treat!


Hen Weekend Destinations Tenerife

Ah Tenerife…the place of sun, sea, sangria and the perfect hen weekends abroad!

This volcanic island is the place to head if you and the girls are after some well-deserved relaxing whilst celebrating the soon to be weds final few weeks before the big day.

Known for its breath-taking views, amazing nightlife and scorching sunshine.

It is the best place to take the bride-to-be for an escape and to top it all off the Tenerife hen party activities are some of the most memorable activities that we offer.

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