Hen Party Planning

We explain how to plan a 2021 hen party in a simple step by step method taking away the hassle and saving you a lot of time. As a hen party planner, we know a thing or two about planning hen weekends. You’ll find tips and advice on deciding where to go, who to invite, budget planning and all those little extras that make it memorable. 

How to Host a Virtual Hen Do

How to Host a Virtual Hen Do

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Staying Safe on the Hen Party

Staying Safe on the Hen Party

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Hen Party Survival Kit

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Greatest Hen Party Playlists

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Step by Step Hen Planner

Step by Step Hen Planner

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Best Ways to Cure a Hangover

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Hen Party Planning Ideas

From the get-go, we know first-hand that beginning your hen party planning journey can be pretty daunting – but have no fear! To help you get off to a flying start, there’s a few things to consider before you dive into all things pink sashes and Ibiza cocktails.

With the arrival of gracious hen party planners like ourselves, you have free roam to do as little or as much hen do planning as you like. If you’re in the mindset of “I dread to plan my hen do” then pass us all the hard bits, but if you’re all up for organising a hen do for your best mates then peruse some simple tips and tricks. Whether you're after low key hen party ideas or something completely crazy, we can help you plan it all.

Things to Remember When Hen Party Planning for 2021:

When Are You Celebrating?

It is important to consider exactly when you are celebrating the hen party. Think about if some of the brides friends are teachers for example.

What’s Your Approx. Group Size?

It is important that you quickly put together an approx. group size so that you have an idea on exactly what you can do during the hen night

What’s Your Destination?

Are you wanting to stay in the UK or go Abroad for the hen party? Once you've figured out who's going you can decide what your destination is! We have a list of the best classy hen do destinations abroad to give you some inspiration.

What About Activities!

Activities are the most important aspect of your hen party planning. Finding the perfect hen party activity can make or break your weekend!

Don’t Forget Evening Enter­ta­inment

As well as activities it is important that you keep everyone busy into the evening. Whether that's with a meal or a show the choice is yours.

Do You Need Accom­moda­tion?

Depending on whether you are planning a whole weekend or a day hen party accom­moda­tion is always a good idea!

5 Travel Advice Tips on Staying Safe

Whenever you’re travelling around the UK or jetting off for a hen weekend abroad, your national / inter­national travel safety should always come first. We care as much as you do, and with years of experience we’ve learned a few essentials to make sure you can enjoy the hen do without worry. Find out how to stay safe on the hen party here.

1. Emergency Numbers

Especially important if you’re going abroad, knowing or keeping note of the emergency numbers that are for your country is really important in case you find yourself in a pickle.

2. Financial Protection

If you’re already in the midst of hen do planning, you already know that hen party packages can get pretty pricy. With this in mind, make sure your money is protected in case anything goes wrong.  For example, all our offerings UK and abroad are fully protected by ABTA – and we highly suggest you don’t book without the ABTA bonded guarantee!

3. Stick Together!

The old saying ‘safety in numbers’ rings especially true if you’re a group of girls just trying to enjoy yourself. Us girls need to stick together, so make sure everyone gets to and from safely.

4. Passport Control

You’d be shocked by the amount of people who carry their passport with them around their chosen hen do destination or use it as ID on the last night of freedom. Keep your passport locked away!

5. Keep Up to Date

Before you jet off abroad, make sure you know the latest on your location from sites like travel aware. It’s nice to be clued up so you can focus on enjoying yourself.

Who Should Organise the Hen Do?

Having some fantastic ideas for the hen party celebrations is one thing... but who's going to put in the legwork and do the organising? This is an age-old question that doesn't have a straigh­tforward answer...

As the bride-to-be, most of your spare time on the lead up to the big day will be focused on planning and organising the details of the wedding, from the flower arrangements to the cake. So why not take some pressure off your own shoulders and hand over the role of hen party planner to one of your best girls? A common choice among brides-to-be is to hand over the respon­sibility to the maid of honour.­ 

Even if you like to be in control and make sure that each and every detail is spot on, it might be a good idea to allow somebody else to organise the hen do so that you can focus on having a good time and other important things related to the wedding! 

How Far In Advance Should You Plan A Hen Do?

This is a big question that you may be asking yourself, and we don't blame you! You may have set the date for the wedding quite a while ago, but when should you kick off the celeb­ra­tions? 

To make sure that each person has enough money to cover the cost of both the hen party and the wedding day itself, we recommend leaving at least 5 to 6 weeks before the wedding to have your hen do. This way, everybody has time to recover before the big day and give you as the bride-to-be more time to sort out the last minute details for the big ceremony!