Hen Party Themes 2018

Hen Party Themes

When it comes to planning a hen party you automatically gain this huge respon­sibility to ensure the bride-to-be has the best celebration of her life.

And no doubt, a million different ideas will be running through your mind on how to make this hen party different to any others you, the bride or the rest of the hens have ever seen.

Which is why hen party themes are now a huge deal, take the celebrations to the next level by making it a themed hen party, and this doesn’t mean you bring out the police woman costume from last Halloween! We’ve came up with the solution on how to avoid the tack but still incorporate a theme into the celebrations. So here are some of the classier hen party themes of 2018 that you should definitely consider!

Pretty in Pink or Pastels

Whether your bride-to-be is the ultimate girly girl or is just a lover of all things pink and pretty, the pretty in pink theme is an opportunity not to miss out on. And if you don’t want to limit everybody to pink why not throw in all the pastels so that the hen party is a wonderful parade of pretty pastels. It’s a great idea especially if the hen party falls in the spring/summer months!

Activity to suit this theme: Afternoon Tea

All White

This one may seem boring but there is a method behind the madness trust us. Although very simple just imagine how chic and sophisticated you and the girls will look all in white. And it’s a great way to honour the bride on this special day of celebrating. Make sure everybody knows you’re on a hen party though, don’t forget to pack a mini veil for the bride!

Activity to suit this theme: Life Drawing

Beautiful Boho

Calling all of you festival-lovers, this one’s for you! A boho themed hen party is probably one of the biggest hen themes around right now and we aren’t surprised why. Think maxi dresses, fringing, florals, kimonos draping on the floor, ah heaven. Perfect for those summer days with a cocktail in your hands and the most amazing photo oppor­tuni­ties.

Activity to suit this theme: Mobile Flower Crown Making

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Little Black Dress

You’d be lying if you said you didn’t have a black dress, skirt, top, jumpsuit etc. And what better way to incorporate a simple but stylish theme then this? It’s perfect if your heading out in the night time or you have an evening activity for you and the hens. And you’ll all look great together, another alternative of this is making the bride-to-be wear white to make sure that she is the star of the show.

Activity to suit this theme: Cocktail Making

Animal Print

Bring out your wild side by incorporating some animal print into your weekend, this is a classy and very in fashion way of dressing up. Especially if the hen is an animal lover. We’re thinking animal ears, zebra print skirts, cheetah print tops, the works. It will definitely make you lot stand out but for all the right reasons of course!

Activity to suit this theme: Dance Party Ideas

The Bride

Now this one is pretty simple, all you have to do is take inspiration from the bride, it’s as simple as that. You could bring back some of the bad outfit choices of the past, or her love for denim, or even just her favourite colour to wear. Whatever it is we’re sure the bride will have a shock when she sees everybody dressed in outfits of the past.

Activity to suit this theme: Old School Sports Day

All Things Glitter

Glitz and glam never goes a miss when it comes to us girls are we right ladies? So why wouldn’t you incorporate it into the hen party theme? Every girl loves glitter, so get your sequin clothes out, add some glitter into your make up routine, and anything else glitter that you can think of for good measure. After all, you’ll want to stand out during the hen party.

Activity to suit this theme: Dreamboys Male Strip Show

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