Sofia Hen Party

Sofia Hen Party

Hummer City Tour

  • Ride in style
  • See the sights
  • Bottles of wine
  • Maximum 17 people

Shoot 'Em up Firearms

  • 4 different weapons
  • Glock, H&K etc
  • Fire 21 bullets
  • Good value shooting

Wine Tasting

  • Taste a selection of wines
  • Includes some tapas
  • Central venue
  • Upgrade options

Traditional Bulgarian Dinner

  • Try new flavours
  • 2-course Bulgarian meal
  • 2 glasses of wine
  • Central restaurants

Bar Crawl

  • Guided bar crawl
  • 3 hour tour
  • Glass of wine each
  • English speaking guide

Cocktail Making

  • Make & Shake cocktails
  • Professional bartender
  • Welcome drink
  • English speaking guide

Bar Crawl with Wine

  • Guided bar tour
  • 4-hour tour
  • 5 x Glasses of 5 wines
  • English speaking guide

Cocktail Bar Crawl

  • Enjoy a bar tour
  • Guided tour for 3 hours
  • Cocktails included
  • English speaking guide

Escape Rooms

  • Interactive escape rooms
  • Challenges, puzzles, clues
  • Different room types
  • 60mins to escape!

Indoor Go Karting

  • Furious & fast racing
  • Indoor kart track
  • All equipment included
  • Great racing track

Guided Walking Tour

  • Visit tourist hotspots
  • English speaking guide
  • See the popular sights
  • Add some culture

Nightclub Entry

  • Popular club in Sofia
  • Late night party
  • Entry for the group
  • Upgrade options

Nightclub Entry with Tables and Bottles

  • Party like a VIP
  • Reserved table
  • Bottles of spirits
  • Popular clubs

Party Bus

  • Sofia party time
  • DJ onboard
  • Comfy seating, lights, music
  • Glass of bubbly

Party Bus with Stripper

  • Bubbly included
  • DJ onboard
  • Comfy seating, lights, music
  • Hunky stripper

Pole Dancing

  • Good fun
  • 2 hour lesson
  • All abilities welcome
  • Instructor to assist


  • Hunky European stripper
  • Hot striptease show
  • Accommodation or venue
  • Great add on to a meal

Tenpin Bowling

  • Classic daytime activity
  • One hour game
  • Up to 8 lanes
  • English speaking guide

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  • ABTA Financially protected
  • Reps based in all destinations
  • Local Rep phone numbers
  • Emergency Out of Office 24 / 7

A Sofia Hen Do

Most know Sofia as having a reputation as being one of the most inexpensive cities in Europe.

A Sofia Hen Do

The country still uses leva as their official currency making the prices cheap as chips averaging to around £1.50 for a pint, £3.50 for a vodka mixer and to start your hen weekend right a vodka shot will only set you back £2! Usually a two course meal will cost around £10. This gives you more money to spend on your day trips and shopping girls. You probably don’t need any more convincing but we’ll carry on anyway.

Sofia is one of Europe’s oldest cities and it still offers a bustling and vibrant nightlife jam packed with some of the hottest bars and clubs in Bulgaria! One of the most up and coming, a Sofia hen weekend is the perfect destinations for the young, the trendy and the adventurous. Oozing with history you’ll never be short from a historic building or some fascinatingly classic architecture to feast your eyes on.

  • Country: Bulgaria
  • Language: Bulgarian
  • Currency: Bulgarian LEV
  • Cost of cocktail: 7 лв
  • Airport: Sofia Airport
  • Flight duration: 4 hours

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Bulgarian food is tasty, fresh and hearty. The cuisine is strongly influenced by the middle east but has adapted its own charisma. Famous for its quality vegetable and dairy products and variety of spices, with chicken and pork being the most common forms of meat, although seafood and fish dishes are all very popular and in Bulgaria lamb has a special traditional part in Bulgarian cooking. Most of the Bulgarian cuisine you would find in Greece or Turkey but in Bulgaria you will find they have their own local flavour to set themselves apart from their neighbours.

Foods to try are dishes such as the cities inter­nati­onally-renowned salad called shopska salata. This salad is a simple but effective with tomato, cucumber, onion and pepper combo with cheese and parsley. The prominent colours in this salad, red, green and white, match to the colours on the Bulgarian flag perfectly. Another dish to try is shkembe chorba which is also known as tripe soup, known as a cherished hangover remedy. So you can thank us later.

Sofia Nightlife

Sofia Nightlife

Sofia nightlife is amazing, it’s the time when this city comes alive and you won’t be able to resist it. Along with the nightclubs, they offer fabulous experiences for all hen parties to make your night one to remember. As there are only a few licensing laws, most bars serve alcohol at any time of day or night so there’s always a party going on. Not only this but there’s also many restaurants which work throughout the night providing hungry party goers a cooked breakfast at 6am. We recommend taking your sun glasses out with you as that morning sun can be brutal and trust us you’ll be watching the sun set and rise all in one outing.

You will find the largest concentration of bars near Vitosha Blvd and around the Sofia University. There’s a huge variety of nightclubs to delve into, Yalta and Chervilo are the best for house and electronic music and gives you a chance to really let your hair down and dance the night away. LaRocca is good for retro music and Alcohol and Backstage is good for rock lovers. A typical night out in Sofia usually starts with going for something to eat in a fancy restaurant, then going to a bar for a drink or two, at midnight venture out to your nightclub of choice. At three in the morning half of the people will go home and the other half are deciding which nightclub to go to next as finding a party at any hours is easily achievable in this city that never sleeps.

What to Expect from a Sofia Hen Party...

What to Expect from a Sofia Hen Party...

Sofia sits at the foot of Mount Vitosha and is the centre of the country’s media and culture. Spend a morning with your hens exploring this beautiful city, experience some of the breath-taking views and historic buildings. Take a trip down to Vitosha Boulevard and admire the long pedes­tri­anised street that offers you panoramic view of all the gorgeous scenery. Or check out the museums, theatres and parks within the city. As the city is only four miles away from Mount Vitosha it makes a perfect winter hen weekend if your one for hitting the slopes at the Borovets skiing resort.

In between all of your Sofia hen party ideas you will realise that Sofia seems to pride itself on being understated, Sofia offers visitors large parks, good public transport, great restaurants, free public events and friendly locals. The best nights to go out and experience the proper Sofia nightlife are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.