Hen Party Props That You Need

Hen Party Props - The Must-Haves!

As party planners, we’ve seen sooo many trends and party supplies over the years, but hen party props seem to stay pretty consistent – and it’s easy to see why. As well as usually being useful, hen party props are so fun to have around and add another dimension to your celebrations. So, without further ado let us give you the hen party props – the must-haves this year.

Booth Props

All the rage over the last few years, photo booths and their props are the perfect way to spice it up without over-spending. Whether you buy a cheap set, print your own or even draw them and cut them out, they’re always funny and bound to make some cute pics for the bride to be. As well as being cheap and easy to get your hands on, they’re also super simple to personalise. Think about the bride to be's favourite things, most used images or even favourite animals and apply this to the booth props!

Groom Cut Outs

If you prefer to use the classic props and have a good ol’ hen night out like the films, some hilarious groom cut outs are the way to go. We’re sure you’ve already seen these things out and about but they never get old! Grab your favourite picture of the groom (or the worst picture of him you can find) and print out a bunch of them about the size of a head. Then simply cut around the outside, poke some eyeholes into it and snap some funny groom inspired photos.

Hangover Kits

Personally, we think this is the best prop invented since the classic L plate. Hangover Kits! For the most part, the celebrations will include a whole lot of boozing and leaves you with a very sore head the morning after. So why not make life a little easier for you and your bridesmaids with a little kit of loveliness? Throw whatever you want in these little kits, but we suggest you include some water, paracetamol, tea bags, a mini moisturiser and maybe some chewing gum.

Temporary Tattoos

Out of all the hen party props – the must-haves, this one may sound a little odd. However, it’s a really good idea to personalise your hen party night out and make it a bit more interesting for everyone. There’s a bunch of different style temporary tattoos, stating that you’re either on a hen party so people should buy you a drink, or you’re lost and where they should return you too – the possibilities are endless! Plus, they’re pretty cheap and can act like a nice little surprise for your friends and family.

If you need a bit more inspiration, check out our hen party handbook that can sort you out for planning and the actual celebrations!

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