Outfit Tips & Tricks for a Hen Party

Hen Party Outfit Tips & Tricks

Once your hen location is chosen, your activities are all booked and you’ve started saving your pennies, what’s the next important part of any hen party? Finding an outfit for your last night of freedom of course! Seen as you’re going to be treated like a princess, you might as well dress like one too. To help you narrow down your choices to the one perfect outfit for you, here’s a few hen party outfit tips and tricks to think about.

Fancy Dress

There are two types of people in this world, people who are fancy dressed obsessed and go all out, and people who wouldn’t be seen dead in as little as a feather bower. When you’ve established which side of the fence you stand on, you can really start thinking of ideas for your hen do look. If you’re going down the fancy dress route, we suggest you make it original and unique. The last thing you want is to look generic on your special day, right?


Whether you’re doing fancy dress or steering clear of the idea, accessories are what can make or break an outfit. Just because it’s your big night doesn't mean you need to go overboard and dress yourself like a disco ball – make sure everything matches. If you’re going for a simple dress, some nice statement jewellery and a glittery hen do sash would make for a classy and elegant hen party. Plus, don’t forget about all those cheesy, must-have hen do accessories that litter bars and nightclubs on a regular basis (no one will judge you for these, promise)!

Old or New?

A lot of people get a glam new outfit for the hen party, unless you’ve opted for a wetsuit and action-packed experience. If you do go shopping for something new to wear, make sure you don’t stray too far from what you’re comfortable with. A lot of the time, a bride to be will throw themselves in the deep end with a crazy outfit and end up feeling self-conscious all night instead of focusing on the fun. Sometimes, wearing an oldy but goody on your hen night out is the best tip of all the hen party outfit tips and tricks – just think about it before you splurge.

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