7 Chick Flicks for a Hen Do

Hen Party Movies

Us girls love a good movie, when we are sad, we watch a movie, when we are happy, we watch a movie and when we are bored you guessed it, we watch a movie.

So why should your hen party be any different? Before your hen party activities of whilst you are getting ready for a night out a movie will be the perfect addition to the hen weekend. Or even if you are just having a girly night in together.

1. Bridesmaids

It’s a classic and one everybody should know. Bridesmaids came out in June 2011 and is about Annie, a single woman whose life is pretty much a huge mess, but her lifelong best friend Lillian is engaged which ultimately means Annie is maid of honour. And this comedy goes through everything bridesmaids do together in the run up to the big day.

2. Rough Night

Rough Night came out in August 2017 and is about a woman called Jess who reunites with three of her college friends for a crazy bachelorette weekend in Miami. And before you know it the night of partying takes a hilariously dark turn as a stripper accidentally died at their beach party and so the night continues on with them trying to cover it all up.

3. Bachelorette

Bachelorette is one of them films that you cringe at with the amount that goes wrong but can’t help but laugh at the hilariousness of it all. It first released in September 2012 and is about a group of bridesmaids ruining their friend’s wedding dress, so of course they set out on a search to find a replacement but their mission ends up being a night full of alcohol and partying.

4. 27 Dresses

Hen Party Movies: 27 Dresses

Another classic, released in January 2008, Jane always seems to put the needs of others before her own which is why she has had 27 different bridesmaid dresses. But when her sister snags the man Jane secretly loves she finds herself questioning her role as the wedding junkie for the first time ever. The perfect movie to show that sometimes you need to put yourself first.

5. Just Married

An old but gold, released way back in January 2003, Just Married shows the story of Tom and Sarah, two love birds from completely different worlds. Tom loves beer and Sarah is an aspiring writer, as well as her family not approving of the pair. And to top things off their honeymoon in Italy ends up disastrous as an unwelcomed ex appears.

6. My Best Friend's Wedding

Released in September 1997, My Best Friend’s Wedding tells the story of childhood friends Julianne and Michael. They had a deal to marry each other if they were still single by 28. And 4 days before Julianne’s 28th Birthday. Michael announces that he’s marrying a 20-year-old named Kimberly. With a bid to stop the wedding at all costs Julianne’s in a complex situation when she is appointed maid of honour.

7. Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed, released in May 2011, follows Rachel, a successful attorney and loyal friend. And during her 30th birthday celebrations she unexpectedly falls into bed with her long-time crush Dex, who is engaged to her best friend, Darcy. We will leave it there as we want you to watch how this film unfolds.

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