Hen Party Locations

Need some inspiration on where to go? We offer over 50+ fantastic hen party destinations across the UK and all over Europe to choose from.

How to Choose the Best Spot?

Think About the Priority

Your best friend has just announced she’s getting married, and what pops into your mind after screaming con­gra­tula­ti­ons? The hen party planning, of course. It’s the most exciting part of being a maid of honour, and the whole ordeal usually begins with choosing from the many hen party cities on offer. As the years go on, the options for hen parties is increasing and widening, from the classic hen party in the UK to an adventurous hen do in Europe – there isn’t anywhere that us hen party organisers can’t take you!

Your best friend is about to settle down with the love of her life, and as the maid of honour it’s your job to give her the hen party she deserves. Selecting a hen party destination is usually the top of the priority list, and there’s a lot of factors that go into this one little decision that you need to think about. Don’t fret! Here’s a quick run-down of the things you need to consider:

Your Bride

Obviously, this whole celebration is for your lovely budding bride, and you should firstly think about all the places she loves to be, or at least what kind of hen party she’d adore. With this information, you’re way more informed to choose correctly from the many hen party locations on offer, both in the UK and abroad. Your city of choice may also depend on what kind of hen do activities you and the girls want to get stuck into, because all hen party destinations have a sort of unique flare to them. For example, night owls should just head straight to the likes of the Liverpool or Newcastle to fulfil their night time needs.

The same goes for a hen party abroad, your city of choice will depend heavily on the kind of getaway your bride to be is longing for amidst all that wedding stress. Is she a lover of sightseeing, culture and city life? The popular Amsterdam is the only place to go to make some memories. Or if she’d rather lounge in the sun for a few days, one of the many Spanish cities is the way to her heart.

Home or Away?

Home or Away

Relating to the points above, it might be easier to split your picks into home or away when you’re making this monumental decision. Is your hen more of a home bird, or does she like to explore the world and go on adventures? This is the best indication for whether you should take the party overseas or keep your feet on the ground. Hen party destinations abroad and in the UK have their perks, but it’s your job to work out which city would be the right fit for your best pal.

Home or away doesn’t necessarily have to mean going around to your local boozer or straying thousands of miles away, take this phrase as you please. Sometimes, keeping it at home can just mean staying put on the little wet island we call Great Britain, rather than jetting off somewhere fancy. Likewise, why not go abroad by skipping over for a hen party in Wales, sailing on the ferry and saving a few pennies as you go.

Don’t Forget the Budget

Penny Pinchers

You might be gazing lovingly at that one hotel package just calling your name in Prague, but if it doesn’t fit everyone’s budget then it’s time to let the dream go. Don’t forget that the most important thing about organising a hen party is the people to share the experiences with your bride to be, so you need them all to be in attendance no matter where it is! Before you even start looking, it’s a wise idea to set a strict budget and start from there, making sure all the girls can make it to toast to your bride on her last few days of freedom.

A budget doesn’t always have to mean staying put in your home town, get savvy and find otherwise to cure your hen’s wanderlust if she’s longing to travel to lands anew. For example, why not treat her to a fab hen weekend in Scotland or idyllic hen party in Ireland and enjoy the change of scenery without spending a bomb on flights. Booking one of our full hen do packages will also help you stay well within budget, without compromising on the excellent experiences on offer.