Hen Party Goodie Bags Idea

Hen party goodie bags are a neat little idea and a great way to show your appreciation for your friends. Here’s some ideas about what to put into your hen party goodie bags!

Hen Party Goodie BagsFirst things first, the bag itself! What you need are some quality material bags with enough room to fit several treats in. These could some cute cotton bags are mini high street paper bags.

They should be easy enough to find after a little bit of scouring the internet. A fun idea is to get them personalised, maybe individually for each guest.

Next, the treats. Breath mints are a must-have, both for the night out and the morning after.  When it comes to sweets love hearts are nice because they’re compact enough to fit in the bag and match the theme of the night nicely.

Make your own accessories to go in your goodie bag with our creative mobile hen party activities!

Hen Party Goodie Bags 2Your goodie bag could double as a hangover survival kit. It’s not the most exciting gift in the world but a small bottle of water will not go unappreciated the morning after, not to mention some the modern miracle that is ibuprofen.

On the flipside, why not pack in some mini-bottles of liquor to take with you on the night out? You can easily get your hands on some cute little bottles of some strong and powerful liquor.

A small personalised message for each member of the group is a really sweet thing to do and a nice personal touch, as long as you don’t mind all that mushy stuff. Once you’ve got the essentials down you can just go ahead and add some stupid stuff like bubble wands, party poppers and other pointless (but fun!) tat.

Hen party goodie bags are simple to make and don’t cost a fortune. They’re only little things but they still mean a lot. If you need more small yet effective ideas, check out our hen party resources to help you create a killer hen do.

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