A Themed Dance Hen Party for Every Bride to Be!

Hen Party Dance Class ThemesThe themed dance class hen party idea is a very popular option all around the UK, but imagine dancing away on your hen party with a theme that you love? These hen party dance theme ideas are excellent for you to spice up your hen dance themed party or even just hit the nightlife in some crazy costumes.

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An 80’s themed dance hen party is perfect for a hen do. There are so many unique and interesting hen party dress ideas for an 80’s themed dance party; from Lycra leggings to neon pull up socks. The 80’s was an era of plenty of wacky clothes and groovy music, making it a perfect theme to play with and really get creative. With all the bright colours and Girls Just Want to Have Fun, the 80’s is such an exciting decade and the music was fantastic, making it perfect for women everywhere to plan an 80’s themed dance class hen party they will remember.

As hen parties go, they are there to make the bride to be feel amazing and on top of the world just before her special day. So choosing a theme following an iconic female figure like Beyoncé is great for an exciting and fun hen party, specifically Single Ladies. Beyoncé is a phenomenal dancer so who better to learn from, and the single ladies dance is such a popular number for a dance hen party as it makes the hen and guests feel powerful and exhilarated, while still having fun. It’s exciting and exaggerated, and there are so many fun costume ideas for Beyoncé single ladies dance class hen party with sparkles and heels, making it perfect for a unique hen party!

All women see the Burlesque dancers are sexy and eye-catching, so for someone looking for a cheekier hen party idea, Burlesque would be well suited for a great time that takes you more out of your comfort zone. With the elaborate sequins and big bright feathers, a Burlesque dance theme can create an amazing hen party dress theme where you can learn a variety of walks, facial expression, dance moves and tricks while wearing your creative hen party fancy dress.

As any dirty dancing fan knows, this theme is for a committed hen party group, with its more complex and risky moves, its perfect for a hen party really wanting to try something unique and new (just make sure you use a professional instructor!). This theme has so much costume freedom and even allows you to get into character, making it a great hen party idea for people wanting a bit more excitement with an interesting and fun theme.

If you’ve been tempted by any of these themed dance hen party ideas or are eager to know more like Thriller or Can-Can themes, call us today 0161 341 0052.

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