Essential Guides to Hen Night Accessories

Essential guides to the latest hen party accessories with lists about what to wear and what not to wear.  With 100’s of hen accessories on the market its hard to decide which ones are classy, traditional, DIY, tacky and funny to suit your group. However, all hen nights need some type of accessory to make the bride to be stand out. Or maybe you need to know the best decorations for the hen party at home, the advice is all here.

Latest Hen Party Accessories Ideas

Go All Out with Hen Do Accessories

There’s a bunch of different types of hen accessories you can choose from, whether your bride to be is a big fan of fancy dress or you want to go for something classic like black and white. When all of your hen party activities are booked and ready to go, focusing your attention on the accessories can be make or break!

Top 8 Most Popular Hen Party Accessories

1. L-Plates

Ah L-Plates, the prime example of classic hen party accessories. And a great addition to a hen night out to make sure you stand out from the croud.

2. Hen party sashes

Another great addition would be hen party sashes. These can be suited to every type of hen group too as you can get your classy and your tacky sashes!

3. Hen party badges

Want something a little more subtle? A hen party badge might be just the thing! Especially if you've spent loads of money finding the perfect outfit!

4. Bride tribe accessories

Bride tribe is everywhere! If you are wanting to keep on the classy hen vibes then bride tribe accessories might be just the thing for you!

5. Hen party headbands

Headbands are everywhere at the minute. Whether your wearing hen party headbands or just during your day to day life they are a great fashion accessory! 

6. Hen party masks

Hen party masks are great if you want to add something a little different to your hen night. Or if you fancy having a theme thrown into the day for good measure. 

7. Hen party straws

Who has been to a hen party and not drunk out of a willy straw? We mean, have you even been to a hen party if a willy straw isn't included??

8. Hen party sunglasses

If you are planning a hen party abroad then this hen party accessory will be perfect for you! Soak up the sun with the girls in your matching hen party sunglasses!

Show-Stopping Hen Night Accessories

Let’s be honest ladies, a last night of freedom just isn’t the same without some flashy hen night accessories to make you stand out from the crowd. A key element to any hen celebrations is treating the budding bride to a queen – but also embarrassing her a little! Plus, hen night accessories means everyone knows you’re out on a celebration, meaning drinks galore and making it much easier to complete any crazy hen party dares that you’ve been dealt.