Top 5 Hen Night Ideas

Hen Night Ideas | The Top 5

Add some excitement into your party weekend with our top hen night idea suggestions!

With over 200+ hen party activities on offer, we have compiled a list of the top 5 hen night ideas to help make your life easier.

1. Nude Life Drawing

If you are after a classy hen idea but still a bit cheeky, add into your planning a hen party life drawing party. This activity is perfect for any bride-to-be who likes a bit of fun with the ladies. Life drawing has been seen many times on The Real House Wives of Cheshire and it's no secret that it's one of our best selling events.

The model will de-robe before striking a few poses for you and the girls to get drawing what you see. Up close and personal with the naked dude lunging in a silly pose before you, this one really is a treat for the hen!

No matter whether your art skills are appauling or you're a fine artist for a living, everyone's guaranteed a good time- it's definitely an activity with a few laughs involved.

Hen Party Top 5 - Nude Life Drawing

2. The Dreamboys Show

A classic that is loved by the millions of ladies up and down the country, it's the one and only Dreamboys Show. This iconic show is a must for naughty looking hen groups. These are most most televised male strippers in the UK and why wouldn't they be with all those big muscles and pretty faces! 

Available in cities across the nation, there's plenty of chances to feast your eyes on some good looking lads in the buff! Perfect for a Hen Night shall we say? You'll be enjoying the sexy enter­ta­inment for several hours with buffet food available to enjoy during the show.

You'll have VIP access to the best nightclub in town after grabbing the chance to meet the boys in the flesh. It can't get much better than this!

Hen Party Top 5 - Dreamboys Male Strip Show


3. Dance Classes

An all time classic for hen do's. There are over 40+ unusual dance party themes to suit any bride to be on her night all the way from a hip 90s routine to a saucy Burlesque show.  What we're getting at here is whether it's Single Ladies or throwing it back to the 80s theme, there is something for for every group.

To make it truly a memorable event, you and the girls can go full fancy dress! If it's a 70's dance theme, put on your colourful disco clothes and afro wigs, it's boogie time! If you're planning on hopping back to the 20's with a Chicago dance, then find some flapper headbands and beautiful dresses. You catch our drift.

All dance hen parties are held in a private room in a city centre venue which makes it the perfect activity if you have a busy hen weekend planned. Everything you need like other activities and eateries will be within reach.

Hen Party Top 5 - Dance Class Themes

Top Dance Party Themes

Beyonce Single Ladies

Everyone loves the sassy Beyonce, so shake those hips and be singing "shoulda' put a ring on it"!

80's Dance

The era where some of today's biggest club bangers belong, you can't go wrong with the cheesy 80's hits.

Grease Dance

Dress up as Rydell High School's Pink Ladies and transport back to the retro 50's.

Burlesque Dance

Turn up the sexy as you create a lightly seductive routine. Expect fishnet leggings and theatrical vibes.

4. Smartphone Hen Party Treasure Hunt

Since 2016, treasure hunts have become increasingly popular with hen parties with the help of modern digital technology. Since smartphones have really taken off and the technology that comes with it rapidly progressing, there's now a treasure hunt available in the palm of your hands via smartphones and tablets- the smartphone hen party treasure hunt.

By exploring the city, you'll have to find hotspots where each holds clues, puzzles and challenges to test your general knowledge. The software uses state-of-the-art GPS and facial recognition systems, a scoreboard and team tracker so you can keep up with the other team's score.

Each variety of treasure hunt (see below) are very affordable and a lot of fun! Also, since they're self-run, you have the flexibility to do stuff in-between like go for a couple of drinks.

Hen Party Top 5 - Smartphone Treasure Hunts

Popular Treasure Hunts for Hen Parties

Smartphone Hen Treasure Hunt

Girly themed questions across the town/city centre of your chosen destination.

Smartphone City Treasure Hunt

Learn a thing or two about the town/city you're visiting by answering historical questions about the local area.

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

Go from pub to pub and answer a mix of fun trivia with the drinks you love in your hands.

Smartphone Spy School Treasure Hunt

Go undercover like agent 007 and travel your chosen destination covert-style. Evade the enemy team and score most points to win!

5. Old School Sports Day

The old school sports day is a classic on a hen celebratory weekend!  Play a variety of the 8 games you know and love from your school days including the sack, egg & spoon, space hopper, bean bag, skipping and three legged races. To make things extra competitive and thrilling, there's a prize for the winning group.

It's the ultimate activity for a hen party and can be held both indoors and outdoors so you don't have to worry about the weather when planning your day.

It's a nostalgia driven activity that gets everyone buzzing for more, as well as a good work out. An excellent opportunity to burn off all the calories from the previous night's wine you could say so it's a win-win situation.


Hen Party Top 5 - Old School Sports Day

We hope this list of the best 5 hen night activities has helped you, otherwise browse our 1000's of hen activities or give our hen party planners a call on 01613410052
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