Ideas for Brides in there 30's

Hen Party Ideas for Brides Beyond 35

Sometimes it can be hard figuring out what to do for your hen weekend, especially if you aren’t in your twenties anymore.

But this shouldn’t stop you having an amazing celebration which is why we have decided to put together some hen ideas for brides beyond 35. With the help of this article we are sure you will find some amazing activities to fit into your weekend.

Life Drawing

Now this one is a classic, the Life Drawing hen party is the perfect addition to any hen weekend no matter what the age range is. It is a little bit cheeky whilst still being very sophis­ticated which is of course what everybody wants when it comes to their final celebration of freedom before the big day right? You can expect a day full of bringing out your own artistic flare whilst still having a truly amazing time with all of your nearest and dearest.

Cocktail Making

And if you want something for the evening then the Cocktail Making Class will be perfect. And with this one you don’t have to drink alcohol if you don’t want to, you can drink some delicious mocktails! This activity is great for keeping the creative flare going as you will all have the chance to make your own cocktails whilst taking part in a few mini games which can lead to some shots as forfeits just to warn you!

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Dreamboys Male Strip Show

For those who want to take their last night of freedom to the next level then you will need the Dreamboys Male Strip Show hen party! It is definitely the best way to treat the soon to be wed and make her take full advantage of what she will be missing out on as soon as she says I do! But it is all just abit of fun and definitely an activity that everybody should experience.

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