What to Avoid on a Hen Weekend

The anticipation of your hen party is building up, everything is in place and you’ve booked all your hen party activities and night time experiences (if not, take a look at a few hen party ideas here)! But through all the excitement and getting ready, there can be a few easily avoidable slip ups that no one tells you about. Fear not, we’re here to give you a few tips on hen do weekends fails to avoid so your planning goes smoothly and your last night of freedom is one to truly remember.

Money Troubles

Hen Do Weekends: Fails to Avoid!The worst part about organising any big party is the money. Discussing the money, collecting the money, counting the money – it’s all a lot of awkward hassle and can show some people’s true colours. With this said, one of our most important fails to avoid is paying altogether. If you decide to pay for everyone and let them owe you, chances are you’ll be paying way more than your share which isn’t fair. To avoid this, ​definitely pay separately for your activities and just collect everything at the end.

An easy way to do this is by having a collective account to send the money into. There are a bunch of online apps that are primarily used for paying separately and can be withdrawn all at once. Otherwise, we highly suggest you book through a party planner (like us) who will provide an online area that you can pay too. For example, we have a My Events VIP Area specially for your group to see your itinerary, tick whether you can come and pay separately – easy to track and totally stress free.

Fancy Dress Mess

Hen Party Weekends: Fails to Avoid!More hen parties dress up in wacky and intricate costumes as the years go by, but there are tons of hen do weekends fails to avoid when it comes to dressing fancy. Firstly, make sure that wherever you have booked will allow fancy dress into their venue. We’ve seen this so many times and it really is a night ruiner, so it’s definitely worth double checking before you arrive at the door all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Before you dive in head first with a crazy costume complete with leotards, headpieces and fairy wands, think about what you’ll be doing while in your fancy dress. If you’ve got a boozy hen night out planned, you might want to rethink an accessory that you’ll need to hold all night.

Your Guest List

Hen Weekends: Fails to Avoid!Unless you have one big group of friends that all love each other, your hen party invitations can get a little bit complicated. Although it seems obvious to just invite all the friends and family you like, it’s worth carefully planning out who you want there to avoid any tension, awkwardness or worst case scenario – cat fights. There are a few ways around this so that everyone you love can celebrate with you, including having two or three separate hen parties (why not ay)!

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to having a bunch of celeb­ra­tions, you could book an activity in the day that’s a great icebreaker for friends who don’t know each other or family that don’t fancy a crazy night out. There are loads of hen party ideas to ease the tension and get your friends to be friends with each other.

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