Spirng Hen Do Planning

Hen Do Planning for Spring 2017Another year has come and gone. We’ve made it through the bleak month of January and are inching ever closer to the spring of 2017. Here’s a few ideas for hen party to help your hen do planning for spring 2017, so you can make hay for when the sun eventually shines.

As the snow melts and it gets a little bit warmer, the door opens for some fun outdoor hen party ideas. For a chilled out activity that’s still out and about, the smartphone pub treasure hunt is the perfect choice. All you need is a smartphone with the treasure hunt app installed on it. Using GPS it’ll send you and the girls off around a city of your choice to complete quizzes, games and challenges together. The route it sends you on will have a couple of pubs on the way for you to stop and grab a few drinks in before you head off to complete more challenges. It’s an independent activity where you’re given total freedom to enjoy the day at your leisure.

The goofy games hen party is a wipeout-esque activity that’s a hilarious day out for all. Expect lots of inflatables and lots of laughter in this outdoor activity that’s perfect for when the sun’s shining. Includes 9 games which are a mix of just about every game show you’ve seen, from it’s a knockout to gladiator.  

As we all know, British weather is nothing if not unpre­dic­table. So if it’s still a little chilly outside but you want to get active for your hen party, the old school sports day is just what you need. One of our most popular hen party activities, take a trip back in time to your primary school days with all the classic sports day events making a comeback including sack race, space hoppers and of course, the egg & spoon race.

That’s just a few of many, many hen party activities you can find on our website. Call us on 0161 341 0052 for more info. We cover hen party locations all across the UK, so you can have one hell of a hen party no matter where you’re from. 

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