Crucial Tips for Your Hen and Stag Holidays

It’s got the excitement factor. It’s got the glamour. It’s got pure novelty by the bucket load.

The food, the handsome local strangers and the unknown mazes of streets waiting to be explored. Even the money’s different. 

And this is just a handful of reasons why hen and stag weekends abroad have become so popular!

More and more celebrations are taking place abroad and, while it’s definitely amazing in so many ways, it’s easy to forget that there can be a darker side too.

To make sure YOUR celebration stays well and truly in the glorious zone , here’s our top five stay-safe tips!

Before we begin, it’s worth mentioning that these tips can equally apply to all of your hen party ideas as well as your stag do ideas too so don’t think you can ignore the warnings!

The right attitude to alcohol.

This is our number one tip, not because it’s more important than the others but because drinking alcohol during a hen or stag do is practically law.

Especially during hen and stag weekends abroad! You will probably always have a drink in your hand.

And, because you’re away from home and it’s a very special occasion, you’ll probably drink even more than you do on an ordinary Saturday night at home.

So all the rules about drinking: 

  • Line your stomach
  • Drink water between drinks
  • Watch out for your mates

Phone numbers.

This one is important, especially on your hen and stag holidays because they are usually an excuse to go a little bit crazier.

So remember this one thing.

Before a drink passes any of your lips, make sure everyone has one another’s phone number. It could end up being vital if you get split up. 

Do some research before you head out to your chosen location.

Learn a bit of basic local lingo, look at maps, read about others’ experiences there, find out if there’s any areas to avoid.

Sound a bit boring? Well, everything is what you make of it so why not have a pre-party party? Get everyone together and look into everything!

Pack carefully!

Maybe this one is a bit obvious but do your packing carefully for your hen and stag holidays.

Don’t lug along ten changes of clothes for a two-night stay so you can ‘have a choice’.

Focusing too much on stuff like this is what makes you forget the essentials like your phone, cash, backup card and passport!

Add some activities.

Our last tip is to book the best activities to keep you occupied and to make it a package deal so you don’t have to worry about what to do next.

Choose a professional party planner with an impeccable reputation built up over years... 

Someone who can give you an ultra-competitive price, the widest choice of activities and the biggest choice of locations worldwide.

In case you’ve missed the point here, we will make it quite clear now: that party planner is yours truly, the classy and clever Funktion Events Team! ‘Nuff said.

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