Have a Nottingham Stag Do

Have a Nottingham Stag Do with Your Merry Men!

Head to the birthplace of the famous Robin Hood for a stag do in Nottingham with your merry men! Nottingham is a highly underrated stag do location and deserves it’s 15 minutes of fame, so here’s just a few awesome stag do activities you can try in the Queen of the Midlands.

Nottingham is home to one of our most popular stag do activities anywhere, the Nottingham nude female life drawing stag party. Draw a nude female model in a variety of poses (handstands not included) in this cheeky but tasteful activity. An experienced instructor will be there to guide you throughout the class. Held in private city centre venues. It’s a unique activity and a great laugh.

Play a standard game of 5-a-side football with one small twist: You’re wrapped up in a giant bubble. Yep, the zorb football stag do is the kind of idea which you wonder why you never thought of it. There’s not many sights funnier than watching the groom being bounced to the other side of the pitch in a giant plastic ball. Later on, games like last man standing and bulldog are added to the mix to make this crazy game even crazier. You can even have a lovely lady ref guide your game, just try to keep your eyes on the ball! 

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What’s better than a bar crawl? A bar crawl with a beer babe! Have some lovely ladies accompany you and the lads on a bar crawl around Nottingham with the beer babes bar crawl stag do.  The babes will wear any costume you ask for on the night out (within reason of course…) and introduce fun stag do games, dares and forfeits that really add a lot to the night. You’ll visit 4-5 bars to help your men get merry before the girls wave you goodbye with free entry to a nightclub.  

Spend an afternoon or a full day paintballing. An adrenaline pumping activity that requires you to be on your guard at all times. The one shot and you’re out rule makes this stag do activity one of the most exciting. If you opt for a full day of paint splattered action, you’ll get a hot lunch included so that you can stay fuelled for the day.

This unique city is one of our most popular stag do locations and with activities like these it’s easy to see why there's loads of stag weekends in Nottingham. So go ahead and enquire today. You’re just a short form filling away for an unforgettable stag do. Give us a bell on 0161 341 0052 for more info. 

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