Happy Cocktail Day!

Happy National Cocktail Day!It’s national cocktail day and we thought we’d kick of the celebrations with a little bit of history. Wait, don’t go! It’s actually pretty interesting. Have you ever thought about how the first cocktail was invented? Gather round and we’ll tell thee the tail.

Long ago, way before the iphone was invented, there was a fleet of English ships commanded by Sir Francis Drake, that got stranded near the Island of Havana. While Havana is a beautiful tropical island, it lacked any form of all-inclusive breakfast and on top of that all its inhabitants were angry natives who wanted to kill all the sailors and use their ears for friendship bracelets. The ships were full of plundered gold but the crew were too sick to sail. Things were looking grim to say the least.

Fearing for the lives of his loyal crew, Drake set about collecting a variety of materials in the hopes of curing the sailors of their ailments. The idea was to create a kind of all-in-one medicine even more powerful than strawberry calpol. Drake collected local medicines like mint, which is good for stomachs (it is unclear whether Drake used Wrigley’s or Trident), bark from the chuchuhuasi tree soaked in rum for dysentery (ew) and the most important ingredient, cane sugar (so it didn’t taste entirely horrible. Drake sure was a thoughtful guy. Well, not to the Spanish, but you can’t please everyone).

The resulting concoction was dubbed “El Draque” and was credited with curing the sailors and even motivating them to plunder a few more villages on their way home. How lovely. The word “Cocktail” supposedly exists because sailors used long spoons with a cocktail handle to drink the mixture.

Sounds made up? Well it probably is, but it made for a nice story didn’t it?

Anyway, happy cocktail day.

Oh, and if you’re looking to celebrate this special day you may be interested in a cocktail making class. Ciao!

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