Guided Bar Crawl & Ice Bar Hen Party in Madrid

Guided Bar Crawl & Ice Bar

Activity Details

  • Bar crawl around Madrid
  • Shots & drinks
  • Ice Bar Experience
  • Visit 4-5 bars

Its time to cool down from a totally hot weekend away with the girls with our guided bar crawl and ice bar hen party in Madrid. A city brimming with exciting drinking estab­lis­hments, you girls will have the chance to visit just a few and see what they have to offer. With the temperatures heating up in Spain, take this opportunity to cool off with a whole lot of ice, alcohol and fun to follow. The nightlife in Madrid will surely not disappoint and with the help from your English-speaking guide your bride-to-be will be guaranteed a totally stress-free drinking experience.

Once you’ve been introduced to your English-speaking guide, you ladies will be set for an unforgettable drinking adventure in the centre. You’ll visit up to 5 different bars during your guided bar crawl and ice bar hen party in Madrid activity with drinks and shots and a whole lot of entertainment waiting for you in each bar. And, to change things up a bit, you’ll get entry into a fantastic ice bar that is bbbRRrril­liant! Here you’ll be welcomed with a drink and the most exciting part, ice cream cake. What more could you girls want?

What’s Included

  • Explore Madrid’s complete nightlife with a visit to the Ice Bar
  • Visit the Ice Bar
  • Receive a welcome shot, ice glass, ice cream cake and two drinks to choose from
  • English-speaking guide to lead the bar crawl
  • Visit 4-5 bars with free shots thrown in on the way


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