Grow Stronger as a Couple

Grow Closer To Your Groom

Engagements are much more than just planning. Sometimes as a couple you find yourselves a bit lost not quite husband and wife but not just dating now. This is time for you to spend time working on yourselves as a couple and streng­thening the bond you have.

Here are some useful steps to grow closer to your groom during and after engagement.

Plan Your Wedding Together

Grow Closer To Your Groom - Wedding PlanningWedding planning may be the first major task that you take on as an engaged couple. And as the first major task it’s also probably your first major relationship hurdle. Planning a wedding can be difficult and stress can create conflict between you and your groom, but why let it? Think of wedding planning less like a hurdle and more like a relationship learning curve and good practice for married life. This will help you have an insight to how you will deal with issues after the big day and test your strength of commitment and connection.

Have Date Nights

Date nights…now this doesn’t always mean a fancy three course meal and the cinema. Date night can simply mean put wedding planning aside, just you and your partner spending time together with no other distractions for an evening. I know it sounds simple but sometimes once engaged, couples take their relationship for granted and stop trying to impress and ‘woo’ each other. It is important to keep the romance alive in this important stage of your lives and will be good practice for your later life.

Have Some Time Apart

This must seem strange but time apart is the healthiest thing for a relationship and will help you grow closer to your groom. Absence makes the heart grow fonder isn’t just a random saying people use, it’s true. If you make some time to miss each other you will be more grateful for the time you spend together. This will also help you avoid the silly fights especially during the stress of the planning. Its great spending time together but time apart will strengthen your bond and keep you and your relationship healthy.

Have a Pre-Marital Honeymoon

Grow Closer To Your Groom - Pre-Marital HoneymoonIt’s not uncommon that couples book their honeymoon weeks sometimes even months after the wedding. I know this sounds stupid and you may be asking yourself “A honeymoon before marriage too??” Sometimes if you’re wedding falls in peak season and your budget won’t reach the costs of your honeymoon straight after then what a perfect excuse to have a night away with your groom. Now more than ever couples are breaking from tradition and having a get away before the big day to relax and have a break from the wedding stress. 

Be Totally Honest About Your Feelings

Now is your time to bring any concerns you may have to the surface. There isn’t any time to downplay feelings when they’re brought up with your fiancé. If he is the person you want to marry and spend your life with but there’s some things that bug you, you can’t expect them to magically change once you tie the knot. These things will have to be addressed whether it’s a difference of opinion, temperament or interest. You need to be sure to appreciate and love and grow closer to your groom for how he is not who you hope he will be later on in life.

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Grow Closer To Your Groom - Quiz

Your engagement period isn’t a countdown till the big day. It’s a very special time in life for you to take advantage of. Rather than stressing with the planning and rushing to get married, use this time to reinforce yours and your groom’s relationship and set yourself up for your next big chapter.

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