Birthday Boogie

Planning a group experience and need some ideas to help you along the way? Welcome to our Groups Blog, the place you can find a huge amount of ideas and inspiration like different trends and general information that you can gather during the planning process. Group travel can cover a bit of anything and everything, so we’ve collected every bit of useful information and research behind group activities, ladies night out, work social events and an array of other occasions too!

Ideas for Large Groups

It’s easy to find a dinner reservation or memorable experience for 4 people, but what about those large groups of friends or huge families that want to get out and about? A lot of our group activities easily cater for group sizes of 10 or over. For something more extreme, have a whole event and invite everyone you know! You might find an experience you’ve never thought of before in this long list of group breaks ideas and inspiration.

Activities with Friends

Group activities are especially great for groups of friends looking for something different. Keep things cheap and cheerful with one daytime activity or make a full weekend of fun with a discounted bundle or package. For groups not looking to travel, this space holds a treasure trove of free and unique ideas too.

Don’t forget, when you’ve decided on your actual activities and experiences, we can help with other areas of the planning process! Above you’ll find bar guides for oodles of cities, best breakfasts for a hangover, ideas for 40th birthday parties all the way down to 18th birthday nights out and everything in between. These free extras are ideal if you’re travelling somewhere new across the UK.