Greatest Way to Propose

Best Way to Propose

Proposing - probably one of the most nerve-wracking experiences anyone has to go through.

And there is a lot of preparation that goes into a proposal usually. So if you are ready to start planning to pop the question then we have got some ways to help you figure out the greatest way to propose to your other half.

1. Breakfast in Bed

2. With a Pet

3. Couple Milestone (Anniversary meal, moving house etc)

4. Romantic Dinner

5. Something Sentimental

6. Public Marriage Proposal

Flash dance, music, speakers

7. Love Notes

8. Personal Touch (A hobby, special place etc)

9. Write a Song

10. Hidden in a Book

11. Movie Proposal (ring in the bubbly, under a waterfall etc)

12. Hot Air Balloon

13. Jigsaw

14. Plane Banner

15. Some Technology Based

16. Buy a Constel­la­tion

17. A Family Get Together

18. A Photoshoot

19. A Trip Away

20. Shared Hobbies

21. With Food!

Seasonal Marriage Proposal Ideas

Match your engagement with the season and browse through the marriage proposal ideas below to find the perfect way to get down on one knee. Every season brings new possi­bili­ties – especially with the ever-changing weather in the UK! Get some help with the best ways to propose and see some of the top seasonal proposal ideas for your special milestone. Each idea can be tailored to your scenario but gives you the base to personalise popping the question to your significant other.


1. Spring Lambs!

When you see an influx of cute lambs in all the fields you know it’s Spring. Go to a local farm and hide the ring somewhere, book to feed the lambs and get down on one knee or tie a bow around a cute Spring lamb to pop the question!

2. Buy Flowers

Old but gold, Spring is the best time of year to get fresh flowers for your proposal. Head to a florist for a bit of help finding your significant others favourite flowers and get creative.

3. A Sunrise Proposal

With an extra hour of daylight, it’s easier than ever to do a romantic sunrise proposal that’s just the two of you. If you’re planning a country stroll, throw in the sunrise for unfor­get­table photographs.

4. Easter Themed

Easter and the bank holiday is all about getting your loved ones together for memories, laughs and lots of food! Hide the ring in an Easter egg, incorporate the Easter bunny or just make the Sunday dinner one to remember by popping the question with friends and family present.

Best Ways to Propose in the Summer

1. Sunny Picnic

Make the most of the weather and have a picnic with all your favourite food and drink. Choose somewhere you both like, secluded or not, and casually ask the all-important question while the sun is shining.

2. A Holiday Away

Summer is the prime time for holidays abroad, and a romantic trip for just the two of you is one of the most popular ways to propose. Cute proposal ideas don’t get much better than this thoughtful idea!

3. At the Beach

Everyone has a beach trip in the summer, but why not make yours one to remember with a special proposal by the sea?

4. Family BBQ

This idea is especially good if your significant other is very family-orientated as you can easily involve everyone in the life milestone!

Greatest Way to Propose


1. Autumnal Photoshoot

When the leaves turn shades of orange and red and the sunsets are at their prettiest, you can simply go outside for a showstopper proposal.

2. Pumpkin Picking

Ask the question while picking a pumpkin at your nearest pumpkin-picking patch or farm. The surroundings will be beautiful – just make sure to wear your best wellies!

3. Bonfire Night

As the fireworks are popping off and everyone is gathered in the hats and scarves, drop down on one knee or right your question with a sparkler.

4. Petrifying Proposal!

Obviously not for everyone, but if you’re partner is a lover of all things spooky and Halloween-related then something scary will suit them down to a T.

Winter Marriage Proposal Ideas

1. Horse and Carriage.

Whether you are jetting off to the big apple or you just going somewhere nearby but a horse and carriage ride is bound to set the scene for an awesome proposal.

2. Write it in Snow.

If you are lucky enough to have some snow this winter, then use this to your advantage and pop the question in the snow. It will definitely be a memorable experience.

3. Incorporate it into a Christmas Activity.

As you are decorating the tree or curled up on the sofa on Christmas eve or even on Christmas morning before you go downstairs to open your presents.

4. Ring in the New Year.

Start the new year by getting down on one knee. It will be a memory you will never forget and the perfect setting for a winter proposal.

And if all goes well you could be planning your stag do in the months to come so why not be prepared and check out what stag do activities we have on offer here.

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