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Activity Details

  • 9 silly scouse themed games
  • Race the Grand National
  • Fun inflatables games
  • Similar to It’s a Knockout

The Unique Wacky Games Hen Party in Liverpool

Get yourself down to Liverpool to try the hilarious goofy games hen party in Liverpool, all with a scouse twist that make the games more fun. Challenge your hens to 9 totally crazy Mersey games and enjoy this 2-3-hour session that will have you rolling on the floor laughing by the end! This activity is perfect for both new friends and old, and is bound to bring out the competitive streak in the whole group for some light hearted, inflatable fun. Trust us, these wacky games will be extremely memorable and enjoyable for everyone.

What’s Included

  • Silly scouse goofy games experience
  • Entertaining host will guide you through the games
  • Everyone will play 9 Mersey games themed crazy challenges
  • Inflatable fun
  • A prize for the winner in your group
  • Duration 2-3 hours
  • Wear old loose clothes, socks & trainers, fancy dress more than welcome
  • Pregnant ladies are not permitted to take part in this activity
  • During winter months games might be held indoor - ask when booking

The Following 9 Challenges are Featured in the Liverpool Goofy Games Hen Party

1. The Grand National

It wouldn’t be a trip to Liverpool without Aintree and the Grand National, so we’ve created this hilarious horse race for everyone to enjoy. Ride your very own inflatable and hilarious horsey hoppers down our custom-made racetrack! Place your bets!

2. Shoe Slinging

Playing on the stereotype, try your best to toss those trainers at the targets to get points. You’ve 3 tyres to aim for that are worth more points as they get more difficult to hit. Reebok Classic!

3. Penny Lane Bowling

This one is simple, just aim at the pins down Penny Lane and try to hit as many as you can… oh and you might be a little dizzy from the hens spinning you beforehand!

4. The Scouse Duel

With custom made pugil sticks based on the St John’s Tower, gladiator you’re your friends and try your best to knock each other off!

5. The Derby

The biggest rivalry in football happens twice a year on Merseyside as Liverpool’s Reds take on Everton’s Blues. We’ve set up a mock clash of these titans in the form of a hilarious sumo-wrestling match. You get to pick your team and try to take down your rival in a best of three.

6. Mathew Street Challenge

You’ve probably heard of Liverpool’s famous Mathew Street festival, with the pubs full all day and people listening to bands and having a skinfull. This challenge is a Bungee Run with a scouse twist, trying to place your cider glass on the furthest tray possible down the inflatable Mathew Street before being flung backwards by the bungee rope!

7. You’ll Never Walk Alone

This may be the famous song of Liverpool FC but it’s also the name of our three-legged race. Split into two teams, tie your legs to your teammate and away you go. You’ll all race against each other around our special course. Hilarious!

8. Ferry across the Mersey

A Scouse take on the classic Tug o’ War! With the Mersey ferry in the middle of the fight, it’s a team effort to pull the ferry and your opponents across the line.

9. The Mersey Shower

The hen will end the games by sitting under a bucket of icy water whilst being challenged to questions picked by the rest of the group…. answer them wrong and you know what’s coming!

How Does the Crazy Games Hen Party in Liverpool Work?

All of these Liverpool hen party goofy games have a scouse touch, including The Grand National game, The Mersey Shower and even a scouse duel with mini versions of the Radio City tower to help declare a winner for the day – so bring you’re A game! With everything you need including an entertaining host to guide your day, all you need to do is find the best fancy dress possible and make this Liverpool Goofy games hen party activity one to remember.

A point scoring system will be used for each game. Scores will be added together, with the winning player given a prize at the end of the games.

Extra info

  • Pregnant ladies are not permitted to take part in this activity
  • Seasonal between Spring and Autumn


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    Overall Experience
Rating 4.0
Joe Lee
4th May 2019
The sports days was really good. I think I had issues with the treasure hunt app but it may have been user error or my misun­der­standing of what we booked but the sports day was a lot of fun
Rating 5.0
Arlin Mathew
20th October 2018
The event was amazing everyone enjoyed themselves very much, the staff were fantastic!! Thank you for all your help in organising the event!!