Are Stag Nights Becoming Less Popular

Though the stag night will always be a staple event in any marriage, it is starting to lose its popularity. Why is this? Because people now prefer to have a STAG WEEKEND! And if you want to join them, then you’re definitely on the best website around.

Trying to organise a stag night can be difficult enough, so surely it's twice ace difficult to arrange a stag weekend? Not when you let Funktion Events handle everything. And we mean everything, from the activity to the accommodation plus lots of personalised extras to make sure you have a wild but well-organised time.

One of our especially popular activities for a stag weekend is that classic: paintballing. If you’ve never tried it out then you’re in for a treat as it is a lot more involving and engaging than can be seen at first glance. Here’s how the weekend pans out…

Beer Babes Bar Crawl Stag Night


Arrive at your hotel, which will be a Premier, Ramada or Jury’s inn with a 3 star rating. Check in and get settled before taking a hot shower and getting changed ready for the big night out.

We will put together a local bar guide for you, showing you all the best places to be; this is especially useful if you’re in a city you don’t know. Hit the bars and have fun!

Go Karting Stag Weekend


Uh-oh, it’s Hangover Central. The best cure really is a good hot breakfast, or at least a few cups of coffee. Whatever you need to refresh yourself will be waiting in the breakfast room of your hotel and you can enjoy as much or as little as you want.

Take aim and get ready for your paintballing experience to begin, once breakfast has settled down of course. The professional organiser will set up different games and activities for the group.

Another trip back to the hotel for another change of clothes, then it’s back out to the big city. You will enjoy VIP entry to one of the city’s top clubs, where you will jump the queue and walk right in with your mates.

Now back to your hotel for a good sleep!

Don’t forget that the stag goes free; check out the options!

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