Goggle Football Team Building in Windsor

Goggle Football Stag Do
  • Goggle Football Stag Do
  • Goggle Football
  • Google Football Game

Activity Details

  • Funny activity for everyone
  • Crazy binocular goggles
  • Includes venue hire
  • Compete in teams

Whether you think you are a football pro or not you and your team will all look like amateurs when it comes to the goggle football team building in Windsor. The beautiful town of Windsor is the perfect place for an event if you want a cool calm and collected feel to the day. Until the activity starts that is because as soon as you get the vision impairing goggles on you won’t have a clue which way is left or right. But that is all part of the fun, prepare to fall over from being in stitches and most likely from tripping over the ball you thought was across the pitch from you.

What’s Included

  • Crazy football activity
  • Challenges and games
  • Goggle football binoculars
  • Many mini games
  • Bibs & Footballs
  • Event co-ordinator
  • Venue hire included


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