Gifts for the Groomsmen

Gifts for the Groomsmen

When you’re in the midst of organising a wedding, your best man and groomsmen do a lot for you during all the stress.

To say thank you for all the things they organise, deal with, time and effort they put in before the big day it’s tradition to get a gift. The definition of gifts and presents has become quite vague, but there’s a few staples and guidelines you can follow if you’re out of inspiration.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas.

Preparing Before Buying the Groomsmen Gifts

Before you dive straight in and buy the first tacky things you see on the world wide web, think about a few factors to make sure your purchase is worthwhile and appreciated.

Set a Budget

This is more for you than them, but a budget can help drill down what you’re willing to buy and what you can afford. If you (or you’re pending wife) is super organised, you might have already factored this into the wedding budget. The average cost for groomsmen presents range from £35-£100 per person, but you can take that with a pinch of salt.

How Are You Going to Give Them?

Although a gift giving occasion is usually associated with the bride and bridesmaids, it’s helpful to choose a time that you’ll give your groomsmen their gifts. For one, it sets a deadline for you to actually purchase the gifts before it’s too late. Plus, it’s an excuse to get together for food and drinks before the stag do!

Gifts for the Groomsmen

Types of Groomsmen Presents

To help you narrow down the groomsmen gift ideas that are on the market, we’ve broken up some of the most popular categories that you’ll fall into. Have a browse below and get one job ticket off the list before the big day. Practical Presents No one can complain if you give them a little something that they can actually use in their life. Practical presents is the safe bet and will probably be a memento for life.

Practical Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Practical groomsmen gifts to consider:

  • A multi-tool (keyring or full-sized)
  • Toiletry Set
  • Engraved Pen
  • Hangover Kit (mainly for the stag do!)
  • Wallet
  • Magnetic Money Clip

Mini Toiletry & Treat Gift Box - £13.99

Gents Mini Toiletry & Treat Gift Box - BeautyInTheBoxGifts

Personalised Pen - £16.99

Personalised Pen - CufflinksGalore

Multi Tool Laser Engraved - £25

Multi Tool Laser Engraved - Craftianas

Personalised Hangover Kit  - £28

Personalised Hangover Kit - HiButterscotchStudio

High Quality Presents

Skip the tacky and cheap gifts that will be lost for something sturdy and usable. Quality ideas are great if you’ve set aside a larger budget to treat your pals.

Quality presents for the groomsmen:

  • Tie to match their personality
  • Engraved hip flask
  • Whiskey & cigar box set
  • Watch
  • Small speaker
  • Wooden Tie Clip

Engraved Wedding Hip Flasks - £9.99

Personalised Laser-Engraved Wedding Hip Flasks - CufflinksGalore

Grey Cedar Wooden Watch - £66.50

Grey Cedar Wooden Watch - TIMBRWatches

Groomsmen Gift Box - £18.07

Groomsmen Gift Box - EngravingsEtc

Personalized Tie Clip - £10.18

Personalized Tie Clip - crawoo

Personalised Groomsmen Gifts

Everyone likes a gift that suits them down to a T. A personalised present is a great way to let your friends know you recognise their efforts and have taken time to buy them something epic.

Personalised gift giving:

  • Laser Etched Tankard / Drinking Glass
  • Mini or full-sized bottle of their favourite liqueur
  • Bottle opener
  • Mug
  • Key ring
  • Leather washbag
  • Wooden Sunglasses

Personalized Wooden Sunglasses - £11.38

Personalized Walnut Wood Wooden Sunglasses - PongsArt

Engraved Best Man Bottle Opener - £5.75

Personalised Engraved Best Man Bottle Opener - CVEngraving

Personalised Leather Wash Bag - £55

Leather Wash Bag with Personalisation - HerbertandWinifred

Personalised Tankard Groomsmen - £12.99

Personalised Tankard Groomsmen - senaxus

Hilarious Groomsmen Presents

If you’ve got a friendship group of jokers, there’s nothing they’ll enjoy more than a present that will make them belly chuckle.

Funny groomsmen gift ideas:

  • Minibar in a Jar
  • Masks of the groom
  • Personalised T-shirts (great for the stag do)
  • Groom Squad pop socket

Personalised Photo Face Mask - £19

Personalised Photo Face Mask - MyPrinted

Personalised Stag Do T-Shirts - £11.99

Personalised Stag Do T-Shirts - UniquelyPrintedUK

For the Wedding

In keeping with the theme, a lot of people tend to by their groomsmen a present they can use for the wedding. This is a nice touch in itself, but also means they can save money and don’t need to buy it themselves.

Gifts for the wedding:

  • Matching cufflinks
  • Personalised Socks
  • Belt
  • Pocket square
  • Advice for the best man cards

Engraved Best Man Cufflinks - £10.75

Engraved Best Man Wedding Cufflinks - CVEngraving

Custom Handmade Belt - £24.82

Custom Handmade Belt - HaayPersonalized

Personalised Pocket Square - £5.50

Personalised Pocket Square - DoodleMuseByGemma

Personalised Wedding Socks - £4

Personalised Wedding Socks - PapercutzByK

Need more help?

Keep exploring our in-depth best man guide for more resources to help you organise before the big day. Alternatively, see our expansive range of stag do activities and get the last night of freedom booked!

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