What to Get the Groomsmen

Gifts for the Groomsmen

Wedding planning is a lot to handle, and sometimes (most of the time) things like gifts can slip through the cracks without you even noticing. This happens to everyone, but with a quick guide to gifts for the groomsmen it’s a lot easier to find the perfect gifts for the guys that you’re closest too. Plus, a little extra effort to see their faces when you pass the gifts over after your speech is totally worth it.

Quality & Practicality

It’s super tempting to get on the internet, type in ‘gifts for the groomsmen’ and just pick some random stuff that they might find funny. However, these kind of gifts will likely be low quality and never seen or used again by the guys. If you’re spending time and money on these, make sure you buy something that is practical for their lives so it won’t get shoved in the bin as soon as they get home. Personalised multi-tools are a perfect example of a useful gift, as are quirky drinks flasks and car accessories that will remind them of your special day.

Keep it Unique

Don’t go for something generic and boring that your mates will have to pretend they haven’t got 100 of already. This is where some thought comes into the gifts for the groomsmen, taking into account your friendship with the different guys and their likes. Do you have a killer inside joke that you’d love to include in your gift? Think about useful and practical items you could write the personal joke on. Did your group have an unforgettable stag do somewhere special? Get them a unique drinks globe that amplifies that special place.

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Always set a Budget

With all the wedding planning that you’ve been up to lately, you should be professional at setting budgets so this will be a breeze. Obviously, the amount of money you spend totally depends on how much you can afford, but just make sure you don’t feel pressured into spending a bomb when something simple will suffice. We suggest setting the budget for each individual gift, rather than an overall budget that you’ll have to do calculations for.

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