Tried & Tested - Pizza Making

When you’re organising an event for anything from a hen party, birthday party, stag do or a team building event you want to make sure the activity will be high quality and good fun. To make sure our pizza making activity is high standard and a really good time, our team at Funktion Events have tested it out! Below is a bit of information about how we found everything that might be useful for you when deciding on an activity for any occasion.

From the start we were treated very well, being welcomed with a glass of Prosecco each and shown to our table, where there were nibbles laid out for everyone to enjoy. If you’re looking for a relaxed activity that you can have some fun with, pizza making is perfect as we had some time to get settled, enjoy the food and drink and then just dive straight in, so we weren’t rushed but also didn’t have to wait around.

The pizza making activity lasted about 2 hours, giving us enough time to learn the tips and tricks, create our very own pizzas, complete the calzone challenge and eat it all at the end. Throughout the whole activity we were asked if we needed anything else such as drinks by waiters and waitresses around. As well as looking after us, the instructors for the pizza making and calzone challenge were extremely friendly and funny, creating a great atmosphere which would be perfect for any type of party – even a pizza making for groups.

Getting to the fun part, during the pizza making we had loads of time to practice dough tossing, and then a huge variety of fresh ingredients including meats, cheeses, salads and spicy extras were served to us so we could really build our dream pizza. The whole time you are able to laugh and joke with your group, making it ideal for a pizza making hen party with all of your girls, or a funny pizza making stag do with your mates and tasty food.

Our team found that the pizza making experience was a great balance between fun and a little bit of competition, with the calzone challenge involving two teams and certificates for the winners. Before trying the pizza making, we were unsure about whether it would be enjoyable for any age, but our team are a mix of people with different genders and ages and everyone was able to have an amazing time, making it perfect for a pizza making team building event!

If you’re really wanting a fun, chilled and creative activity for any kind of occasion, this pizza making activity will be right up your street. With friendly and helpful customer service, delicious food and great for everyone, how could you resist? Give us a call on 0161 341 0052 and let our events planners organise everything for you!

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