Freebies to Make a Memorable Stag Weekend

Freebies for Memorable Stag Weekends

The one issue that comes with all the wedding planning, party planning and everything in between is money. Through all the crazy ideas you might have, you always need to think about your budget in the back of your mind which is a burden. So, why not make life a bit easier for yourself and collect freebies whenever you get the chance? Take a glance at some of these super helpful freebies for memorable stag weekends.

Start – Planning

Even though most stag parties (we’re looking at you buddy) get organised pretty last minute, they still take some planning to make epic. But this party doesn’t have to be hard or stressful, grab yourself a stag do planning checklist and cover all corners of your last night of freedom. A checklist has everything you need for a stag party, what you need to remember and what you need to get sorted before the day – whether you’re the stag or best man.

Middle – Get Laughing

Once you’ve got the actual experiences sorted (if you haven’t, check out our stag do activities), it’s time to sort the little stuff. When you get a minute to breathe and chill out, it’s nice to have some stag do games at hand to get a few laughs from the guys and complete the whole day or weekend. These totally free games gives you a bunch of games to choose from, and means you don’t feel pressured to use it because you haven’t forked out a single penny.

End – The Memories

There are loads of ways you can solidify your stag do memories, and freebies for memorable stag weekends are just one of them. Why not treat yourself to a physical memento and create personalised t-shirts that you can wear to the stag do and for many years after to remind you of the awesome experience. Luckily, you can get a t-shirt names & phrases list for absolutely free – you can thank us later.

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