FREE Mr and Mrs Question List

Free Mr & Mrs Question ListWhen it comes to hen parties, there are some staples that most hen party groups do and have done for many years, just like Mr and Mrs Questions Hen Game for the bride to be. We want to help your hen group and maid of honour come up with a hilarious list of questions, so we’ve provided the chance to have a FREE Mr and Mrs Question list that is full of weird and wonderful questions for everyone to have fun with.

We’ve hand-picked some questions from classics, funny and a little bit cheeky to mix up your hen party and get the whole group laughing. All the maid of honour or anyone else (except the hen!) has to do is gather some answers from the groom to be for questions about his fiancé, then ask the same questions to the bride to be and see if he knows her as well as she thinks and vice versa.

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The game is simple and great if you have some spare time within the hen party day or evening, creating some funny and surprising answers to create a great atmosphere for the hen. Some of the questions us and other customers love include ‘Where did you meet?’, ‘what was her first car?’ and some more naughty ones like ‘what size bra is the bride?’ or ‘Where is the riskiest place you’ve had sex?’ All of these questions are perfect for any kind of hen group as there is so much variety!

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