Hen Party Checklist

Grab Your FREE Hen Party ChecklistWhy not make your planning so much easier with a FREE hen party checklist that will help you keep track of everything, keep notes and even create a step by step plan if you like! We know how difficult it can be to plan an event so important, so this freebie from us is there to help everything go perfectly.

We've created FREE hen party checklist so that you don't need to stress about anything else, and its so simple to recieve. All you need to do is like our official Facebook page and write on our wall 'I would like the Hen Party Planner Checklist' and its yours!

A couple of things that our FREE checklist include is tips, such as the person organising the hen party needs to know and understand the bride to make sure she gets exactly what she wants. If the hen absolutely adores cocktails, going down the route of cocktail making classes we offer is perfect, or if she is up for anything, a more adrenaline pumped activity such as an Old School Sports Day would fit her nicely.

Timing is really important on a hen party, if timings are wrong and things overlap or don’t flow well there may be breaks in the day and stress might occur, which no one wants for a hen party. By being sure of the duration of all your activities and where everything is located, you are able to organise the hen party weekend completely before it arrives, leaving you to enjoy the hen party!

Pleasing the bride is essential, but if the guests are not happy, then will she be? Probably not. This means another key part of hen party planning is making sure the activities suit everyone’s interests and abilities.

The top basic tips of planning a hen party:

  • Make it something unforgettable for the hen and her guests
  • Don’t forget transport!
  • Try not to make the day complicated
  • Take into account peoples abilities

By keeping all of these factors in mind, and having our FREE hen party checklist to help you through the planning stage, you are able to create a fabulous hen party! If you need any help or inspiration contact us at 0161 341 0052 and our events managers will be happy to help you achieve a perfect hen party.

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