STAG and BEER. the best four letter words

Beer. Such a short word for a beverage that has so much history and such a deep connection with our culture. The word will mean something a little different to every person, whether drinker or teetotaller; perhaps it immediately calls up images of a certain group of friends, maybe a memory of a tender twosome in some remote country bar. Whatever your association, prepare to indulge in it to the full on International Beer Day!


There is an international day for so many different things that nobody can possibly keep up with them all. But beer is a part of the lives of so many people that International Beer Day can’t help but be a success whether you choose to celebrate it in a brewery, a bar or your buddy’s back garden.

International Beer Day started in 2008 and is now celebrated in 200 different cities around the world, giving you some idea of its runaway popularity. It's a time to honour the brewers, pint-pullers and of course the golden liquid itself, to fully immerse yourself in the wonderful world of the timeless beverage.

Why not make this International Beer Day an extra-special one for you and your mates by coinciding that upcoming stag night with the festival? Then you have not one but two cast iron excuses for giving in to the hops; let’s just hope you all have cast-iron bladders too!

France lays claim to being the world’s wine buff while nobody can come close to Russia if there’s vodka on the menu. But for sheer beer brilliance you need to head over to Germany.

Or you could avoid all the hassle of actually getting there and enjoy a Bierkeller Show Stag Do arranged by Funktion events! An amazing, engaging German Bar experience is in store for you and your mates, authentic down to the last details such as tasty pretzels and waitress service. Keeping you entertained as you imbibe will be the Bavarian Stompers, who really have to be seen (and heard!) to be believed!

Check out more details and book SOON: International Beer Day is on August 4th…

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